Application & Care

  • Apply Lashes
  • Ft. Lash & Go Eyeliner

Your Lashes

<strong>Step 1</strong> <br>Prep & Measure

Step 1
Prep & Measure

Gently remove the lashes from the tray and hold the lash up against your eyelid to measure to fit the natural length of lash line.

Step 2
Trim To Size

Using scissors, trim the lash band to the size of your eyes. Always trim from the outer corner of the lash so style is maintained.

<strong>Step 2</strong> <br>Trim To Size
<strong>Step 3</strong> <br>Apply Lash Adhesive

Step 3
Apply Lash Adhesive

Using Velour Lash Adhesive, brush a thin layer of glue to the lash band. Add a little extra to the corners for extra hold.

Step 4
Apply Lashes

Using Velour's Too Easy Lash Applicator, grasp the lash and place on top, and as close to your natural lash line as possible, then secure corners.

<strong>Step 4</strong> <br>Apply Lashes
<strong>Step 5</strong> <br>Finishing Touches

Step 5
Finishing Touches

Once the Lash Adhesive has dried, brush lashes upward using the comb end of the Applicator to ensure they are blended to perfection.

Voilà, You Did It! 

Now that your lash look is complete, learn which lashes are best suited for you!

Voilà, You Did It! 
Voilà, You Did It! 

Apply Lashes

With Lash & Go Eyeliner

<strong>STEP 1</strong>


Measure and trim your false lashes as needed. Always trim from the outer corner.


Starting with one eye, apply an even coat of 
Lash & Go Eyeliner from inner to outer corner along the upper lash line.  This innovative formula may appear marbled but when applied is always an intense black.

<strong>STEP 2</strong>
<strong>STEP 3</strong>


Directly apply false lash along your lash line and adjust as necessary.


Repeat on other eye.

No lash adhesive needed
No more glue build up.

<strong>STEP 4</strong>
Use it on it's own,
or with false lashes.