Which eyelash is the best for you?

Navigating false lashes can sometimes be overwhelming, so we wanted to give you the lowdown on each of our collections to help you along your lash journey. First things first, as a pioneer of luxury false lashes, there are several things that we just won’t compromise on - (1) all of our lashes are 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free and come in 100% recyclable packaging; (2) our lashes are reusable, which means you can wear them 20-30 times with proper care; (3) our lashes are handmade with premium fibres on comfort bands to ensure you get the quality and comfort that you deserve. 

The main differences between our specific collections are the length of the band (traditional full band or no measure, no trim ¾ length bands), lash volume (ranging from natural to glamour), and application type (magnetic or traditional). Keep reading to learn more about what makes each Velour collection unique: 

Plant-Fibre Collection

Our most sustainable lashes yet! Our most eco-friendly collection embodies innovation, sustainability, and approachability.

- All components of this lash, from band to fibres, are plant-based.​

- These gently curled and fluttery lashes provide subtle volume.​

- Hemp-derived fibres are lightweight, tapered and whispie for a natural look and feel.

Effortless Collection 

The most easy-going lashes ever! Awarded ‘Best of Beauty” by Allure for their easy and effortless application, this collection changed the lash game. 

- Ready-to-wear: there’s no measuring or trimming required with our ¾ lash bands – just glue & go!  

- Natural Volume: add subtle flare with our most natural lash style, designed to complement and enhance your natural lashes.  

- Award-winning: awarded Allure Best of Beauty 2020.

Magnetic Lashes 

What's more effortless than an Effortless lash? A magnetic Effortless lash!  

- Ready-to-wear: there's no measuring or trimming required with our ¾ lash bands – just apply liner & let the magnets do the work!  

- Full Volume: fluffy and feathery full volume lashes create layered volume and length.  

- Long-lasting wear: 8 rounded mini-magnets are evenly spaced along the lash band to provide super strong hold and all-day comfort. 

Vegan Luxe Collection 

Rethink Mink! This collection is unique for its mink-like fibres that are ultra-whispie and tapered to mimic the look and feel of mink lashes. 

- Customizable: personalize your look with our full-length black cotton comfort band.   

- Glamour Volume: our layered three-dimensions lashes have criss-cross fibres to enhance volume and create dramatic length.  

- Vegan mink-like fibres: whispie and tapered lash fibres mimic the look and feel of mink lashes. Soft, fluffy and natural matte. 

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