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Store in Box

Be sure to store your lashes in original lash case and away from liquids. To maintain longevity and quality of your lashes, never soak your lashes in water or makeup remover.

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Remove Adhesive

Once there is a build up of lash adhesive on the band (typically after 2 - 5 uses), gently peel off with the Velour’s Too Easy Lash Applicator or your fingers. Be sure that you are only pulling on the glue and not the band when removing the build up.

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Be Gentle

All Velour lashes are handmade, and it is important that you handle them with care. Whether you are removing them from the tray or your eyes, always grasp your Velour lashes from the lash band, never the fibers.

Effortless Invisible Lashes: Due to the delicate nature of the invisible bands, ensure you are extra gentle during this process and while toggling the band.

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Avoid Mascara

Never apply mascara directly on your Velour lashes as this can damage the quality of the hairs. If needed, apply mascara to your natural lashes before application.

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Keep Lashes Clean

Clean any makeup off your Velour lashes with our Lash Clean or other oil-free makeup remover. Using a Q-tip, gently dab and twirl as needed on affected areas of your lashes.

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Use a Lash Wand

Remove makeup and clean your Velour lashes with our Lash Clean or an oil-free makeup remover. Using the Velour Lash Wand or a Q-tip, gently dab and twirl as needed on affected areas of your lashes.

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Keep the Curl

If your lashes get wet and lose their curl, you can use an eyelash curler to reshape them. You can also curl the lashes while they are on your eyes.

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Tip 1

To maintain your fluttery lashes and keep them looking like new, brush them out regularly with a lash brush, like the spoolie on the Velour Too Clean Lash Wand. 

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Tip 2

If your Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters get wet, do not bump, tug or move them on the eye. Wait until the bond is fully dry again before brushing, refusing or touching them. 

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Tip 3

24 hours after application, you can use Velour Lash Cleanor any oil-free makeup remover to gently clean your Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters. Apply to a lash brush, like the spoolie on the Velour Too Clean Lash Wand, and gently comb through the Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters from base to tip. This can be done from both the underside and top side of the lash clusters.

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Tip 4

For long-lasting, multi-day wear, use the Velour Too Real Lash Extension Tool to re-fuse and secure your Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters morning and evening. If they get wet, wait until they are fully dry before re-fusing them.

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Tip 5

To maintain the curl of your Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters, use the Velour Too Extra Lash Curler to reshape them. Do this slowly and gently.

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Tip 6

Always be gentle, especially when removing Velour-Xtensions™  Lash Clusters from the box for the first time. Using the Velour Too Real Lash Extension Tool, gently peel the clear band of the lash cluster out of the box, from one corner to the other. Do not pull on the lash fibres. Do not force.


If you're applying them with the Multi-Day Lash Bond for several day wear (underneath the natural lash), we recommend only applying Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters once. If you choose to wear them above the lash line, with a traditional lash glue, like Velour White Latex-Free Lash Adhesive you can reuse them with proper care.

Yes! To keep your lash clusters clean and sanitary on the eyes for multi-day use, you must clean them daily. Proper cleaning is an important part of caring for your Velour-Xtensions™, and it will also ensure the longest wear possible.

For a quick and effective clean while wearing the clusters, use a spoolie like the one on Velour Too Clean Lash Wand with an oil-free makeup remover like Velour Lash Clean. Gently roll the spoolie covered with an oil-free makeup remover from root to tip of the lash clusters. Do this motion from both underneath and on the top of the clusters.

For a quick clean, you can wipe down the tool with a makeup remover like Velour Lash Clean. Otherwise, you can sanitize it in alcohol at home. If you're using it in a professional setting, the tool can be placed in a sterilizer.

This can disrupt the lash bond from drying properly, which will prevent you from getting the most wear out of your lash clusters. If you do get them wet before the 24hr mark and the clusters have loosened, you can re-fuse them with the Too Real Lash Extension Tool. Ensure you do this in a dry, non-humid environment (i.e. not in the shower). If a cluster or multiple clusters have completely fallen off due to getting wet within the first 24 hours, then you will need to start the application process again from the beginning.