Your 2022 Clean Beauty Guide

The clean beauty movement is here, and it’s only expected to continue to grow. Everyone seems to be on the clean beauty trend, but what does clean beauty really mean? We broke it down for you and suggested some of our fave clean beauty products. No matter if you’re new to clean beauty or already obsessed, here are the best clean beauty products that we can’t wait for you to try.  

As the space isn’t regulated, there is no proper definition of what ‘clean beauty’ means. As a result, everyone has their own definition of what clean beauty is. Cosmopolitan defines clean beauty as “brands and products that take people’s well-being and the planet’s well-being into consideration when being developed, manufactured, and sold.”  

Velour takes clean beauty seriously. We use clean botanical ingredients in our beauty formulations and have been Leaping Bunny approved. Being approved means the company does not conduct any animal testing or purchase any ingredients that have been tested on animals. You can learn more about our Leaping Bunny certification here. We're continuing to improve our processes, developing all products with customers’ health and the environment in mind. 

Why use clean beauty products? 

Clean products can be a great first step to making a positive impact on your health and the planet. It doesn’t have to be a hard switch; baby steps count too! By using clean beauty products, you minimize the potential negative impacts of chemicals in some ingredients on your body. It can also help you to become more selective and mindful of what you choose to put in your body every day.  

 clean beauty for 2022

Where can I buy clean beauty products? 

At Velour! There are also hundreds of amazing marketplaces and brands that focus on clean beauty. As mentioned, clean beauty is about making more informed choices about your health and body, with no hard rules enforced, so choose whatever works best for you and your beauty routine. 

We are obsessed with keeping our lashes nourished and conditioned. To ensure that our natural eyelashes get the love they deserve, we ensure that our products contain natural ingredients that are highly effective. Here’s the breakdown of our favorites: 

Long & Strong Lash Serum 

With Long & Strong Lash Serum, you have it all! Strong performance with a non-irritating formula.  Our eyelash serum is free of fragrance, prostaglandin, hormones and analogs. It’s also ophthalmologist tested. Compared to a lot of other lash serums, Velour lash serum doesn’t contain Isopropyl Cloprostenate or Prostaglandin. Instead, we used natural ingredients such as ginseng root, chamomile flower and radish root ferment to nourish and condition the lashes and encourage new hair growth. Sodium Hyaluronate in the serum improves hydration and keeps skin moisturized.  Stronger, healthier and thicker lashes can be seen in already 6 weeks with best results after 12 weeks.  It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.   lash serum for strong and long lashes

Pretty Big Deal Peptide & Tubing Mascara 

Pretty Big Deal Peptide & Tubing mascara is a 3-in-1 lash serum, lash shield and mascara. Like our eyelash serum, Pretty Big Deal mascara contains a cocktail of nourishing peptides to strengthen and lengthen natural lashes. Natural high performing ingredients such as ashwagandha and castor oil have also been added to strengthen lash hair and prevent breakage. Added shea butter nourishes lashes at its root thanks to vitamins A + E. 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny Approved, Pretty Big Deal mascara delivers the best results when combined with our Lash Serum. The mighty duo can be found in our 24hr Lash Care Kit for lash protection around the clock.   

lash care kit for strong lashes

Natural power ingredients deliver amazing results, not falling short of conventional competition. Our tubing formula and ultra-black colour ensure lashes look long & strong while being protected from environmental damage. Based on a 4-week trial, 97% of our participants saw noticeably longer lashes. Learn more about Pretty Big Deal mascara here.  pretty big deal peptide mascara

Lash Clean 

Lash Clean is an oil-free makeup remover that is 100% vegan, can be used for both false lashes and false extensions. Despite its gentle formula, Lash Clean removes the most stubborn makeup, dirt and even waterproof formulas! Lash Clean can be used for cleaning lashes and removing overall makeup from the face. Lash Clean makeup remover is also alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free and fragrance free. It’s a super gentle formula that works so why settle for anything else? The packaging is also 100% recyclable.   lash cleanser velour

Pro tip: use Lash Clean with Reuse Me Cotton Cleansing Pads. Ultra-soft sustainable pads are made from bamboo material and can be used multiple times. Come in 100% fully recyclable packaging while also chemical, fragrance and lint free! Check out this guide on how to clean your lashes.  

Vegan Mink Luxe Lashes 

These false eyelashes look and feel like mink lashes but are 100% vegan! These incredibly soft and fluffy faux eyelashes have a natural matte finish and mimic the look of mink hair for the most lightweight false lash experience. Vegan Mink Luxe false eyelashes can be used up to 25+ times and come in 13 different styles so anyone can find the lash that suits them!  

vegan luxe lashes velour

We hope you found this information helpful as you navigate through the world of clean beauty. Wishing you a very clean and beautiful year ahead!