New Beauty Award – Best Lash Applicator

We’re proud to announce our latest award! Our friends at New Beauty have honored us with the title of Best Lash Applicator for the Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator: 

“We’ll take anything to make false lash application easier, and the Velour Beauty Too Easy Lash Applicator does just that thanks to its curved lash tweezer that helps place the lashes, and comb for final touches.” - New Beauty 

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Velour's Too Easy Lash Applicator 

The Too Easy Lash Applicator is a staple for false lash application. Made of gold stainless steel, this handy lash accessory makes the false lash application process simple. The length of the lash tool gives you better visibility to where exactly you place the lash, allowing you to gauge the correct spot along the lash line. 

“Potentially even more important than false eyelashes is the false-lash applicator. I used to struggle to apply them on my own, but this applicator has allowed me to do it without any help in just a few moments.” —Allie Hogan, NewBeauty staff writer 

The unique duel-ended tool features a curved lash applicator on one end and a comb on the other, ensuring you’re able to achieve a professional application experience at home. 

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Applicator: Easy Placement & Adjustment 

The applicator of the lash tool is too good to be true! It is slightly curved, which allows for the precision application of faux lashes on your first try – with a comfortable hold. The blunt tip ensures a safe experience (you won’t stab your eye), unlike a standard tweezer, which is sharp and unsafe around the eye. 

Comb: Finishing Touches 

The durable comb is a game changer. Once the false lash is applied, it effectively blends your natural lashes into your false lashes, giving you the most seamless, natural look possible – we don’t want any gapping! The final, finishing touches are just as important as the application itself so don’t skip this step! 

As a universal comb, you can also use it to brush through your brows or tame pesky fly-aways. All beauty professionals need this in their kit, because who doesn’t love a multi-purpose tool?! 

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How to Use the Too Easy Lash Applicator 

1. Use the curved edge of the Too Easy Lash Applicator to grasp the false lash and apply Velour lashes to your lash line. Adjust as necessary to secure the corners. 

2. Use the comb end of the applicator to blend lashes together, brushing the lashes upward to ensure they are blended to perfection. 

Whether you’re using the Too Easy Lash Applicator to apply the Velour Effortless Collection, Vegan Luxe Collection or our newest Plant Fibre Collection, you will have an easy, approachable, yet luxurious experience – perfect for beginners. 

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