Spotlight on Nourie Flayhan: Artist, Women’s Rights Advocate and 2021 Velour Artwork Paper Illustrator

This year, we partnered with Nourie Flayhan as the illustrator for the 2021 Velour Artwork Paper design. We wanted to shine a spotlight on an artist with a great mission in our ‘All Eyes on You’ campaign. 

Nourie is a Levantine illustrator from Lebanon, who dedicates her work to representation. Women, her favourite subjects, are the heroines of her art. As an advocate for women’s rights, her illustrations focus on changing the way we portray women in media, as well as beauty standards, women’s rights and mental health. 

Nourie empowers communities through her art, using the power of illustration to inspire. This year, she partnered with us in our ‘All Eyes on You’ campaign, which puts a spotlight on our customers. The design details illustrations of our false lashes, beauty products and accessories in our signature colours. Velour is all about inspiring people to be confident and we think that Nourie’s art is just as empowering and motivating. We're proud that we were able to highlight her illustrations this year.  holiday wrapping paper nourie velour



In addition to the artwork paper that Nourie illustrated, we launched our interpretation of the advent calendar, with a very unique twist. In addition to featuring Velour’s bestselling products, each window includes a daily affirmation to remind the recipient of the 12 reasons why they’re the star. We wanted to take the time to highlight the community that we’ve built so far. It’s been another tough year, so we wanted to remind our customers of the reasons they’re  stars in our eyes. 


all eyes on you advent calendar 


Excited to support Nourie and wrap your gifts in a beautifully designed wrapping paper? The Velour Artwork Paper is available for free with any orders over $60 in December and the All Eyes on You Advent Calendar is exclusively available on our website, for just $105 USD ($234 value)