What is the Easiest Way to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

Applying false lashes can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. While we all want long-lasting faux lashes that stay comfortably in place all day, the process of getting there can be intimidating. And if the application doesn’t go as planned... we all know that frustrating feeling of having to reapply. 

Well, we’re here to help, Velour’s Magnetic Lash Collection makes false lashes easier to apply than ever before! 

 magnetic lashes

Why are magnetic lashes easier to apply? 

There are a few reasons that make Velour magnetic lashes so easy to apply: 

  • All you need is a magnetic liner! If you can do liner, you can do lashes – once your liner is applied, magnetic lashes just snap onto the liner. 

  • The band itself is a no-measure, no-trim ¾ length cotton band. This means the lash is ready to go – no need to measure against your lash line! 

  • Velour’s Magnetic lashes come with 8 rounded lightweight magnets that are evenly spaced along the lash band. They’re undetectable, comfortable and have a strong hold, so your lashes stay put all day. 

 magnetic eyelashes

Steps on how to apply magnetic lashes:  

1. Starting with one eye, apply the Velour Lash & Go Eyeliner from inner to outer corner of the lash line. Apply two layers of liner for extra hold. 

2. Once the eyeliner is fully dry, immediately apply Velour Magnetic Lashes onto the Lash & Go Eyeliner. 

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Toggle the lash band back and forth before applying, which will make it more flexible to mold to the unique shape of your lash line. 

  • When applying the magnetic liner, make sure its width is as wide as the lash band you’re going to apply on top. This will ensure optimal hold for all-day wear. For more magnetic eyeliner info, check this blog! 

  • When you’re ready to pop on the magnetic lash to the eyeliner, line up the end of the magnetic lash with the outer corner of the eye, and slowly let it snap into place. It should then attach itself to the rest of the magnetic liner across the lash line. Press the full length of the band gently against the eye to ensure the proper position. 

  • Caring for your magnetic lashes will maximize their lifespan of 30+ uses. Check out our How to Care for Magnetic Lashes blog to learn more! 

How long do magnetic lashes stay on? 

All day long! Since Velour magnetic lashes have evenly spaced magnets across the lash band, you will get all-day hold due to the strength the magnets provide against the liner. You won’t experience any lifting of the magnetic lashes throughout the day, as the lashes will stay on until you want to take them off.  

Can I reuse magnetic lashes? 

Yes! False lashes in the Velour Magnetic Collection are handmade with premium fibres, making them very durable. You can re-wear these lashes 30+ times.  

When you remove them, be sure keep your faux lashes safe in their packaging so you get as many uses as possible! 

How do I remove Magnetic Lashes? 

When removing magnetic lashes from your eye, gently lift and pull from the outer corner of the lash, releasing it from the liner. You will be able to lift it up and peel it off easily from your lash line. 

After a couple wears, you may experience small amounts of build-up of the Lash & Go Eyeliner on the band. To clean, use a cotton swab and oil-free makeup remover, like Velour’s Lash Clean, to gently remove eyeliner along lash band and around the magnets, as well as any makeup on the lash fibres. 

See?! Magnetic lashes make lash application easy and enjoyable. You can pop on a lash in no time and feel like your best self for any occasion!