How to Apply a Lash Serum for Longer & Stronger Lashes at Home

You’ve heard all the rage about lash serums, right? You want longer, stronger, healthier lashes, and a lash serum seems to be a one-size-fits-all solution. But you may want to know more before committing – like what type of formulation is right for you, how you apply it to make the most impact, and how long you’ll be waiting until you see the results? Keep reading to learn more from your expert lash lovers!  how to apply a lash serum for longer lashes


Lash serums come in all shapes and sizes, formula-wise that is. So choosing the right formula for you can be a tad intimidating. You may suffer from eyelashes falling out far too often, or maybe they’re short, thin and brittle. Regardless, there are plenty of lash serums that can help to enhance your lashes in a healthy, results-driven way. 

No surprise, there are many types of serums that pretty much all state the same thing – thicker, longer and stronger lashes with regular use. But if we break it down, which ones are going to support your lash care journey best? When deciding on a new lash serum, you definitely want to consider things like sensitivity – will this irritate my eyes? And ingredients – will they actually enhance lashes? Learn more about the different types of serums here: Peptide-Based, Chemical-Based and Keratin-Based.  how to apply a lash serum


Once you’ve selected the best serum for you, using a lash serum consistently – aka daily – is the most critical factor in the results you’ll see. Daily use will create an environment where your lashes can grow to their best potential. If the lash line and surrounding area, consisting of the lashes themselves, follicles and skin, is in a healthy state – hydrated, nourished, revitalized and strong – then your lashes will have a prolonged growth cycle. That means longer, stronger and thicker lashes! 

 A lash serum can be applied either in the morning or in the evening, but depending on which formula you have, ensure to read and follow the directions as some require you to apply more frequently than others. 

Lash serum application is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You want to apply it morning or night to clean, dry skin along the lash line. Whether that’s just the upper lash line or bottom as well, that’s up to you! A quick tip is a little usually goes a long way. We recommend using one dip for both eyes and letting it dry completely before applying any makeup or skincare products to the area afterwards.  how to apply velour lash serum


If you’re a beginner to lash serums, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Generally, you should start to see results around the 4 to 6-week mark when using a lash serum daily. Consistency will make the biggest difference – it’s just like skincare!  

Patience is key - it takes time to see initial results, just like your skincare or haircare journey – think of it as a long-term relationship! Lash serums are classified as a maintenance product, and that’s because you follow a routine to maintain the results over time, it’s not a quick one-time fix. 

Timeline-wise, the type of serum you use will determine when you will start to see results in varying weeks depending on the type of serum you’re using.  

- Chemical-Based Lash Serum: 4 weeks, best in 12 

- Peptide-Based Lash Serum: 6 weeks, best in 12 (Velour Beauty Long & Strong Lash Serum) 

 eyelash serum results in 6 weeks

When it comes to comfort, applying the product regularly should not affect the way your eye area feels. If there is any irritation, itchiness or redness, you may be sensitive to a chemical-based serum, or it could be an allergy. In either case, we’d recommend discontinuing use. Your lash serum should be 100% non-irritating and comfortable to wear every single day. 

Lash serums are everyone’s best friend, and they’ll stick with you ‘til the end! A daily dose of your fave lash serum, applied correctly – and more importantly, consistently – will have your lashes feeling healthy, nourished and brand new. Still have questions? Message or email us to connect!