Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Enhancing your natural lashes has always been a hot topic and recently false lashes have been having their moment in the lash space. In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz around magnetic lashes. From influencers to celebrities, to regular clientele in the beauty community, magnetic lashes have become a fan favorite. 

What is so unique about magnetic lashes? 

A magnetic lash has a series of magnets along the lash band, which is what allows these new generation lashes to *snap* onto a magnetic surface. A magnetic liner provides a base for magnetic lashes to adhere to – making lash application only 2 steps and the easiest it’s ever been. 

magnetic lashes magnetic eyeliner

How do you apply magnetic lashes? 

First, you need a magnetic eyeliner. We found the best way to apply this is from the inner to outer corner along the lash line, just like you would a regular liquid liner. You can add 2 layers if you’re looking for that extra strong hold. Then, once dry, you want to apply the magnetic lash on top of the magnetic liner. That’s it – just 2 easy steps, no lash adhesive needed!  

Our fave magnetic liner is the Velour Beauty 3-in-1 Lash & Go Eyeliner. Check out their How to Apply for more info! 

magnetic eyeliner lash & go

Are magnetic lashes comfortable to wear? 

Yes, especially when you apply a few layers of magnetic eyeliner before application - that way there isn’t any lifting of the lash band and magnets.  

It also really depends on the quality of material used for the lash band and the types of magnets used. Velour Beauty has a super innovative and thoughtful approach to their magnetic lashes. They have 8 mini-magnets evenly spaced along the lash band that have a super strong hold - without needing anchors. They’re also rounded and lightweight, so they’re extra comfortable to wear. Velour’s magnetic lashes are handmade on a ¾ length flexible comfort band, so you don’t need to measure or trim them before applying. They can also be reused up to 30+ times with proper care. 

magnetic eyelashes velour beauty

Are magnetic lashes safe to wear? 

Yes. When choosing magnetic lashes, it’s best to look for a lash band that has rounded magnets, that are lightweight and are made on a comfortable lash band. When selecting a magnetic eyeliner, we’d recommend considering a non-irritating formulation, like Velour’s 3-in-1 Lash & Go Liner.   

When using magnetic lashes and liner, you also don't run the risk of pulling out natural lashes on removal because the band doesn't come into contact with your natural lashes, only the magnetic liner. 

magnetic eyelashes on the eye

Are magnetic lashes worth the hype? 

Yes, yes, yes! Magnetic lashes are an innovation that make lash application approachable to everyone! It’s now possible to apply lashes in just 2 steps, making it the perfect choice for lash newbies and seasoned lash lovers.