Considering False Lashes for Your Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

It's New York Bridal Fashion Week and we're feeling inspired! If you're considering false lashes for your bridal makeup, this one is for you.

Being a bride isn’t an easy task, you have to consider SO many little details for your special day. What will you use to accessorize your wedding dress? How are you styling your hair? And we aren’t even considering the actual event planning! 

For a day full of photos and videos, you’ll want to make sure your make up is spot on! Bridal makeup is very different and requires excellent quality products to help your makeup stay put throughout the whole day - full of laughing, dancing and even crying! It’s a whole thing, so to help you figure it out, here’s the lowdown on why you should wear false lashes on your wedding day. Plus, we’ve included some of our favourite bridal looks that inspire us and hopefully will inspire you!  

wedding false lashes

Why should you wear false lashes for your wedding? 

For a truly special bridal makeup look, you would want to make your eyes pop, and false lashes are the perfect way to elevate eyes. False lashes seamlessly add drama to your makeup look and will help your happy eyes shine throughout the whole day. 

When you look amazing, you feel amazing and isn’t that how you should feel on your wedding day? 

Compared to salon-grade lash extensions, false lashes require way less time and help you save money (which is a must when wedding budgeting). One pair of false lashes saves your budget and depending on the brand, they can be reused - maybe for your Sunday wedding brunch?  wedding day lashes

What lashes are best for weddings? 

To feel confident with your wedding eye makeup, it’s important to know which faux lashes suit you best. Let’s dive into the different types of faux lashes for brides to find you the perfect match. 

Different types of false lashes for brides: 

Magnetic Faux Lashes 

Looking for an easy application that requires only two steps to save time during the busy day? Say yes to magnetic lashes! Choosing no-trim magnetic lashes makes application even easier as you only need a magnetic liner to apply them. Magnetic lashes work best for a bride who is easy-going, loves simplicity and wants to apply her lashes super quickly and easily. With magnetic false lashes, you can even coordinate your outfit change with a lash change - maybe something more natural for a ceremony and a cat eye for the after party? It’s super easy to switch up - you don't even need to reapply the magnetic liner. There’s a reason these magnetic lashes keep on selling out! 

@tayloranise wearing Stick It To Me lashes complemented by a bold lipwedding magnetic lashes

jolinepidgeon wearing Magnetic Kit magnetic lashes for a soft look

magnetic false lashes for a wedding
Effortless No-trim Faux Lashes 

If lashes are somewhat intimidating and you prefer a natural look, choose the No trim Effortless collection. Our OG collection and a best-seller at Sephora, it gives brides the most natural chic look. Effortless lashes are perfect for a classy natural bride. They don’t require trimming, so simply glue and go! We'd recommend our white adhesive if you prefer a softer look, as it dries clear, ensuring the perfect blend of false lashes into your natural lash line. 

We love a bold red lip for a bride with Would I Lie? No trim lashes on @jas.minetong wedding no trim lashes

Plant Fibre Faux Lashes 

Some brides would certainly prefer more control over their false lashes and we support that! Choosing   full lash band allows a bride to trim their false lashes exactly to her unique eye shape. These plant lashes are perfect for an environmentally conscious bride who also loves her lashes light and soft! Plant fibre lashes are hemp-derived, so they are also the most lightweight false lashes. Designed on a soft cotton band, you won’t feel the weight of lashes on your eyes during the entire day.  

Go for a gorgeous nude look with Second Nature plant lashes 

nude wedding look false lashes

Vegan Luxe False Lashes 

Vegan Luxe false lashes are another great option for brides looking for a full-length lash band. Thanks to 13 different styles, you can truly pick a lash that speaks to you and trim it perfectly to your unique eye shape.  From glamorous to a natural look, this lash collection suits bold brides who aren’t scared of lashes and want to stand out. Remember, this is your day, so make sure you choose a lash that embraces your attitude - we love the fun styles names like Can’t Be Tamed and Secret Weapon! 

A small wing and a half lash create magic with Can’t Be Tamed vegan luxe false lashes by @_sassafrass 

bridal makeup false lashes

Try a peachy look for the after-party with Secret Weapon vegan faux lashes by @beautybyroia_

bridal makeup false lashes veganBest Tips for Applying False Lashes for Your Wedding 

Now that you’ve selected your lashes, here are some pro-tips from our in-house make-up artists. 

1) Your false lashes should fit your eye shape so make sure you try a few different styles before making the final decision. Flare lashes elongate the eyes and are suitable for most eye shapes. Round lashes give that doe-eyed, bright-eyed effect and are not suited for those who have naturally round and deep set or downward eyes.  

2) Apply a little bit of waterproof mascara to blend false lashes in your natural lashes. Apply the mascara first to not ruin your false lashes. If you take care of them, Velour lashes can be reused up to 30+ times! 

3) Test all your waterproof makeup beforehand! You don’t want any unexpected cry (or sweat) lines 

4) Keep a small makeup sponge on you to absorb tears! It works way better than a tissue 

5) Go for a darker or more glamorous look than you typically would if you want the makeup to translate in photos. It might sound scary but trust us, it pays off!  

6) Invest in a quality pair of lashes as the last thing you want on your wedding day is an uncomfortable band poking your eye! Avoid drugstore lashes as they may look plasticky in photos due to the synthetic quality of the fibres. 

wedding bride lashes Preparing for the big day doesn’t need to be stressful and false lashes can be a perfect solution for a quick upgrade. We know that no matter what you choose, you’ll be the most beautiful bride!