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Velour-Xtensions™ Self-Stick Pre-Glued Lashes Are Here!

In the world of lash innovation, Velour has done it again. And this time, we’re providing our customers with lash application in just 1 step!

With approachability in mind, we wanted to create a lash so simple to use that it would begin a new era for false lashes – and we did just that.

We're proud to introduce Velour-Xtensions™ Self-Stick: Perfect for beginners, these self-adhesive lash clusters are easy to apply and mess-free, all thanks to our pre-glued technology! This means that no glue is needed during application, making them truly ready-to-wear.

Self-Stick Lash Clusters are handmade with lightweight and natural-looking premium vegan fibres, adding a gorgeous wispy look to the eye – think lash extensions without the commitment. They’re also customizable, use 3 clusters per eye for a full lash extension look, or 1-2 clusters to create a half lash.

Just like our OG at-home DIY Velour-Xtensions™, these are applied underneath your natural lashes for a seamless, beautifully blended look. And guess what? No mascara is needed.

Self-Stick Lash Clusters 

No matter your eye shape, size, or the occasion you’re wearing them for, we have a Self-Stick style for you! 

Our Velour-Xtensions™ Self-Stick Lash Clusters range in density, length, and look, offering a customizable experience. Each pack includes 12 lash clusters in varying lengths; 4x Short (10mm), 4x Medium (12mm), 4x Long (14mm).  

Everyday Natural is a subtle and fluffy lash style.

Soft & Wispy is a flirty lash style that lifts the eyes.

Spiky Chic is a striking and wispy lash style.

As always, we had to make a product that has everything you need to apply your falsies... enter, the Velour-Xtensions™ Self-Stick Lash Kit! It includes 12 Everyday Natural lash clusters; 4x Short (10mm), 4x Medium (12mm), 4x Long (14mm), and mini Too Real Lash Extension Tool. This Self-Stick style is perfect for everyday wear and the tool provides precise application of the clusters.

How to Apply Self-Stick Lash Clusters

Let’s dive into application so you can see the simplicity of Self-Stick!

Prep: Gently curl your natural lashes with the Velour Too Extra Lash Curler.

Tip: Carefully removing them from the tray, hold the cluster from middle-outer end to avoid touching the band area. This will ensure your fingers don’t touch the pre-glued section!

Step 1: Position the cluster underneath your natural lashes.

Step 2: Squeeze the clusters and your natural lashes together with fingers or the Velour Too Real Extension Tool.

To learn more, watch our application video here!

How to Remove Lash Clusters

When you’re ready to remove your Self-Stick Lash Clusters, it’s easy. With clean fingers, gently lift the clusters from your natural lashes, holding them from the middle-outer end of the band to avoid the pre-glued area.

Whether you’re on-the-go, a newbie or a lash pro, say goodbye to glue, ditch your mascara, and break up with your lash tech.

Welcome to a new era for false lashes!