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International Women's Day 2023 #EMBRACEEQUITY

International Women's Day 2023


As a WOC-founded brand with over 80% female employees, we know the power and passion that comes from female energy! Women's History Month is greatly important to all of us at Velour and we're excited to celebrate International Women's Day with our community again this year.

We asked our community what this year's theme for International Women's Day, DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality #EMBRACEEQUITY means to them. We also discussed how we can better embrace gender equity together in the beauty space.

How can we better embrace gender equity in the beauty space?

Pouja Tharan @blendsbypouja 

“Having role models who fall into all categories is the best way. There is nothing that feels better than seeing someone who represents who you are as a person! Seeing everyone as equivalent despite their skin colour, gender or follower amount.”

Blanca Salazar @slayyzar

“The beauty space needs to better embrace gender equity by being conscious about the role women bring to the beauty industry and help to provide us with tools for success such as education, organizations and networking.” 

Anastasia Neganova @anastasianeganova 

“One word: representation. I love seeing the beauty community as a welcoming space for each and every person. I know that a lot of brands cater to the needs of everyone, not just one group of people - and that is a great first step. What I would love to see more of is people from diverse backgrounds and genders being hired and promoted more!”

Why is gender equity important to you?

Xynab Akbar @beaute.xpose 

“[Gender Equity] saves lives because of their lack of empowerment and resources in many places, women and girls face life-threatening risks. It results in better healthcare, businesses, better economy and it can lead to peace, and children are healthier.” 

Senita Rodrigues@Tropbelle_makeup  

“In our industry we can better embrace gender equity by increasing women’s representation in leadership and decision-making positions, this will progress towards a gender equal and sustainable future.” 

Tanisha Cherry @tanisha.cherry  

“Gender equity is important to me because it ensures that all individuals, regardless of their genderor race, have equal access to opportunities and resources. For too long, systemic barriers and discrimination have prevented women, particularly Black women, from reaching their full potential and accessing the same opportunities as their counterparts. Gender equity promotes fairness and justice by breaking down these barriers and ensuring that everyone has the chance to succeed.” 

How would you describe the feeling of empowerment?

Hanna Virdi @virdiartistry 

“Empowerment feels like walking with your head held high and being confident of the person you are. It’s not about materialistic things, but morehow you feel from within. Loving yourself and being proud of who you are is empowerment to me. You should always love yourself first. This life is your own personal journey of finding your true self from within.” 

Kalia Yang @kyangger 

“The feeling of empowerment is the satisfaction that you can rest well knowing you moved in a genuine way. I cannot express that enough. One can do something for someone or something and truly are not genuine in empowering or helping others but for themselves.” 

The Velour Team is happy to celebrate women’s history and take our community’s feedback into action within our branding. We believe all women should be recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether racial, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.  

How will YOU #EMBRACEQUTIY in your daily life on, and offline?