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The Best Way to Apply False Lashes if you have Alopecia

Velour Society Ambassador and Toronto-based content creator, Joy Blenman, has a rare type of alopecia, “I have alopecia universalis which means I have no eyelashes or eyebrows. Currently my brows are micro-bladed. It has taken me a lot of time to learn how to love myself with and without lashes. I’m thankful that when I chose to wear lashes, there are now natural, easy-to-use ways to effortlessly apply lashes.” We’ve partnered with her to share her experience and best tips for applying false lashes if you have alopecia. 

“Losing my eyelashes in my 20s was devastating. I loved how my lashes framed my chocolate brown eyes. They made me feel feminine, and I loved playing with fun eye looks when I went to parties during university. However, after alopecia took my lashes, I didn’t want people to pay attention to my face, let alone my bare eyes.”

“If you have lost your lashes to alopecia or are interested in wearing natural lashes to amplify your makeup, then I recommend the Velour Beauty lashes. I love that the lashes from the Effortless collection are lightweight enough for me to wear all day. The plant fibre ones are pretty natural too.”

Joy’s Tips on Applying False Lashes with Alopecia  You’ll Need: 

1. A pair of lashes

2. A lash curler

3. Lash glue (I think Black is the best for beginners, but clear is more natural) 

4. Mascara (The Pretty Big Deal Mascara from Velour has great volume) 

Step 1: Measure your lashes against your eyes. 

It is best to place the lash just above your water line. The lash should ideally frame three-quarters of your eye to look natural, if the lash protrudes past that length, then cut it.  

Velour Effortless Lashes are a good length and generally don’t need to be cut, but if you need to cut your lashes, use small scissors and line them up so that you cut them evenly.  

Bonus: After measuring, curl your lashes with a lash curler so that they look extra voluminous and lifted.  


Step 2: Tightline your eyes with liquid eyeliner and line the bottom lash line with a gel or pencil liner. Tightlining your eyes darkens your lash line and makes it look like you have lashes. This line will also act as a guide for where to place your lash glue.  


Step 3: Apply glue over the liner. Trace the liner you just drew on, creating a thin line of adhesive.  


Step 4: Apply glue to the ends of your lash and wait for it to get tacky. It is essential to apply extra glue to the ends of the lash so that the ends don’t budge or lift.  


Step 5: Apply the lash to your lash line using tweezers, placing the lash at the bottom of the lash line you just created using the glue and the liner. Place the lash band so that the band follows the natural curve of your eye. The lash band should not sit straight. If it looks funny, take your time and try again. You know you’ve applied it right when the lashes curl up, not droop down.  

“Check out my video tutorial below for a visual demo of how to apply the lashes, and feel free to comment or DM me on IG if you have any questions!” 

The Easiest Way to Apply False Lashes| How to Apply Lashes for Alopecia

Joy's Favourite Natural-Looking Velour Lashes 

Plant Fibre Lash Collection – "A New Leaf"

This lash is called A New Leaf and is super natural: 

1. Lash Length: 6-10mm 

2. Made from hemp-derived plant fibres 

3. Vegan  

4. Cruelty-free  

Effortless Lash Collection- “For Real Though?” 

The style Are You For Real Though? is wispy but glam 

1. It is a natural: 8-12.5 mm lash 

2. You can wear it up to 25 times with proper care (I recommend cleaning the lashes after use with a spoolie brush (eyebrow brush) and micellar water or the Velour Lash Clean cleaner

3. It's vegan and recyclable  

4. Awarded ‘Best of Beauty’ by Allure for how easy it is to apply 


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