How To Get Longer Natural Eyelashes With Pretty Big Deal 3-in-1 Mascara?

Instead of adding another step to your makeup routine, switch your regular mascara out for a conditioning one.  A formula like no other, the Velour Pretty Big Deal Mascara gives you the drama of mascara now, while encouraging growth for the future – it's full of peptides and nourishing ingredients that boost the overall health of your lashes, giving you longer, stronger, and healthier lashes over time. This 3-in-1 lash serum, lash shield and mascara, delivers the most sought-after results in just 4 weeks! 

real results pretty big deal peptide mascara

peptide infused tubing mascara real results

A serum mascara formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients like peptides, plant extracts, and amino acids that work to strengthen and stimulate lash growth over time – so not only will you get the drama of mascara upon application, but you'll end up with the longer, healthier-looking lashes with consistent use. 

A regular mascara only provides you with a quick fix. And unfortunately, while you’re wearing the product, it only does ONE thing – make your lashes look good. As lash connoisseurs, we think that is a major waste of time, considering you can be doing so much more for your lashes while wearing a mascara.  

That’s why we created Pretty Big Deal to be a 3-in-1 that focused on lash care. The formula is a gentle yet effective leave-on lash enhancement serum under the guise of an ultra-black, lengthening mascara. With a unique blend of peptides to help with lash retention, our nourishing formula promotes stronger, fuller, and longer looking eyelashes. Based on a 4-week trial with 35 participants, 97% saw noticeably longer lashes and 84% saw noticeably stronger lashes. 

pretty big deal peptide and tubing mascara


Your lashes go through a lot, and whether you wear makeup daily or not, everyone experiences eyelash loss and breakage. Lashes experience wear and tear, just like the hair on your head does, and without proper care, can become thin and brittle.  

If you currently invest in hair treatments, masks, serums and sprays (which are what really make the biggest impact in length, strength and overall health of your hair), why aren’t you doing the same for your lashes? By focusing on the root of the issue literally, you can help your lashes become stronger, longer, and most importantly, healthy.  

Clearly, we think that lashes should be a Pretty Big Deal, and to ensure they stay nourished, strong and protected we created a formula that not only lengthens and strengthens lashes, but helps to reduce breakage and promote healthier lashes over time. That’s why in addition to being a mascara and serum, Velour’s PBD mascara is a lash shield, which means it protects against environmental damage. The polymers (a tubing ingredient) within the formula act as a physical shield to protect against external aggressors. 

What is a tubing formula you ask? Well, tubing mascaras have polymers that wrap around each individual lash, which creates ‘tubes’ that encase each lash. This not only protects against environmental stress, but gives you even application. Tubing mascaras are also smudge-proof - out of 35 participants, 98% saw smudge-proof results all day during a 4-week trial. 

The tubing formula also helps to max out lash length, holds curl all day, and the feathery look blends seamlessly into your false lashes – in a 4-week trial, 91% of users saw visibly lifted lashes. The curved brush curls and separates lashes simultaneously for a clump-free look.  

tubing mascara velour beauty

We infused our formula with peptides and nourishing ingredients like Ashwagandha, Castor Oil and Shea Butter. These conditioning ingredients are packed with biotin, amino acids and antioxidants that work together to boost keratin production (to lengthen lashes), strengthen hair (to prevent eyelash breakage) and deep condition lashes (to protect against environmental damage/stress). 

  • Peptide Complex: 
  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 (BT-1): Biotin + 3 amino acid peptide to condition and strengthen lashes. 

  • Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (MP-17): Boosts keratin production for stronger, healthier and longer lashes. 

  • Ashwagandha: Strengthens hair + rich in antioxidants, iron and amino acids. 

  • Sodium Hyaluronate: A concentrated derivative of Hyaluronic Acid that keeps the hair hydrated. 

  • Shea Butter: Lash strengthening by nourishing at the root + rich in vitamins A+E.

  • Castor Oil: Prevents breakage + optimizes lash enhancement.

  • Polymer: Protects and shields your lashes from environmental damage/stress. This tubing ingredient specializes in maximizing length, lifting lashes, and keeps the formula smudge-proof all day. 

This lash enhancement serum and its ingredients are unique to Velour, as they not only work in harmony to lengthen, strengthen and protect lashes, but they are also inside a high-performing mascara. This 3-in-1 formula is safe to use daily and is strongly recommended to be applied every day for optimal results.  

pretty big deal mascara tubing no smudge


What we don’t put in our formula is just as important as what we do include. Our formula is free of fragrance and harsh chemicals – in a 4-week trial 99% of users agreed that it was non-irritating. It’s also 100% vegan, cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny Certified!  


Ready to incorporate a serum-based tubing mascara into your routine? Using the curved brush, comb through lashes from root to tip.  

One Coat: For casual days at home or running errands, the serum + shield functionality will help strengthen and protect your lashes throughout the day.  

Two Coats: For days where you want a bit more oomph, layer a second coat of the mascara to add length to your natural lashes as the tubing aspect makes it easy to build up.   

With Falsies: For days when you want to wear false lashes, use the mascara as a base! This will help blend the lashes together + protect and strengthen your natural lashes – we love a double duty product!   


With Warm Water or Makeup Remover 

  • Warm Water – run your fingers or a cloth under warm water, then gently massage lashes between wet fingers or under damp cloth. Pretty Big Deal will effortlessly fall off in tubes. 

  • Makeup Remover – add Velour Lash Clean to a cotton pad, then gently massage lashes under cotton pad. Pretty Big Deal will effortlessly fall off in tubes. 

    The warm water technique is our favorite – it's so easy and can be done without any additional products or having to rub the sensitive eye area. This will further help in the protection of your natural lashes.