How To Care for Your Lashes At Home

Caring for your lashes is simple – just like your skincare and haircare routine, lash care can be easily added to your daily regimen. Keep reading our guide to learn how to care for your lashes, and what to use to keep them strong and healthy! 

Depending on where you live, what the climate is, and how the air quality fluctuates, these things can contribute to the health – or lack thereof – of your lashes. If you find your lashes, hair and even your skin dehydrated, brittle or dull (maybe your hair falls out easily), then you should consider adding proper skincare and lash care to your daily routine. This will help hydrate, nourish and strengthen the skin around your eyes and your lashes themselves. 

Tip 1: Remove Makeup and Cleanse Skin 

Removing makeup is key in a good getting unready routine. Whether you’re trying to take care of your skin or lashes – or both! – gently remove any makeup around the eye area and cleanse thoroughly. This will ensure all residue is removed and you have a clean canvas before applying products. Velour’s Lash Clean Oil Free Makeup Remover is safe for natural lashes, false lashes and lash extensions!

When removing makeup or cleansing around the eye area, make sure you’re extremely gentle, to not accidentally aggravate your lash follicles, having the hair fall out prematurely. 

 how to take care of your lashes at home

Tip 2: Prioritize your Skincare Routine 

Apply your skincare products, layer by layer, to benefit your skin health and target skin issues you may be dealing with – dryness, dehydration, dullness etc. Maybe take some time for some self-love, massaging the products into your skin with intention. Pop on an eye mask even and make the process enjoyable – skin care is selfcare! 

lash care routine velour lashes After your skincare routine is complete, we’d recommend using a lash care product. Velour Beauty’s Long & Strong Lash Serum is a great option for lengthening, strengthening and nourishing your lashes. It’s also peptide-based, which is a healthy and effective alternative to chemical or hormone-based serums – which can unfortunately cause negative side effects. 

There are some great skincare-like ingredients within the Long & Strong Lash Serum formula, such as sodium hyaluronate, ginseng root and amino acids 

 lash serum natural

Tip 3: Apply Lash Serum 

Apply your lash serum from inner to outer corner of your lash line, over clean, dry skin. It literally only takes a couple seconds, but the results are so impressive, and you can maintain them long term! For added benefits of a lash serum, use Velour’s Pretty Big Peptide & Tubing Mascara in the morning. This 3-in-1 formula acts as a lash serum, lash shield and mascara all in one!

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