How to Care for Magnetic Lashes

Thanks to our innovation in magnetic lashes, Velour’s Magnetic Lashes can be worn up to 30+ times! To preserve your magnetic lashes for as long as possible (and ensure those 30-wears), it’s necessary to clean your magnetic lashes regularly. 

It can be daunting if you don’t know the basics of lash care, but we assure you it’s easy to learn, and you’ll be adding it to your regular routine in no time. The following tips and tricks will make all the difference when doing this at home on your own! 

 magnetic lashes

Avoid Mascara  

Never apply mascara directly on your false lashes as this can damage the quality of the lash. If needed, apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying your magnetic lashes. 


Spot Clean  

Clean any makeup residue off your lashes with an oil-free makeup remover. Velour Beauty Lash Clean is not only good for magnetic lashes, but good for regular falsies, lash extensions, and your skin too! Using a Q-Tip, gently dab on affected areas of your lashes. 

lash clean

Remove Magnetic Eyeliner from the Lash Band  

After a few wears if there is buildup of magnetic liner on the band or around the magnets, gently remove it by cleaning the affected area with a Q-Tip and oil-free makeup remover.  

eyeliner lash & go

Be Gentle  

It’s important that you handle magnetic lashes with care, just like any other false lashes. Always gently grasp your lashes from the lash band and not the fibres when taking them out of the box. When removing them from the eye, slowly peel the lash off from one corner to the other. 

 lash clean

Avoid Prolonged Moisture  

To maintain the longevity and quality of your lashes, never soak them in water, makeup remover, or other liquids. 

Store Safely  

Be sure to store magnetic lashes in their original case or a safe spot to keep them clean and away from liquids, dust, unsanitary surfaces, or the potential to lose them if they’re kept out in the open. 

 magnetic lashes

Keep the Curl  

If your lashes get wet or come to the tail-end of their lifespan and lose their curl, you can use the Velour Beauty Too Extra Lash Curler to reshape them. You can also curl the false lashes while they are applied on your eyes. 

 lash curler

You’ll get the most value out of your magnetic lashes by following these easy tips. Be mindful when caring for your lashes, and they will last for every special occasion coming up in your calendar.