How to Apply Magnetic Lashes If You Have Alopecia

As magnetic lashes are getting more popular, you might be wondering if they are alopecia-friendly. The answer is YES! In fact, it might be a much easier method to apply false lashes. One of our Velour Society ambassadors, Joy Blenman, who has a rare form of alopecia universalis has shared her best tips to apply magnetic lashes.  

alopecia false eyelashes

Here is what you’d need for an application: 

Step 1: Tightline your eye. As Joy says “I’m always a fan of tightlining your eye especially if you don’t have the lashes to help you with an application. Feel free to tighline with a regular eyeliner and later apply Magnetic 3-in-1 liner afterwards. It’s much easier to do it one eye at a time” 

Extra tip: Make sure to apply 2 layers of Magnetic 3-in-1 liner for an all-day hold. 

magnetic liner  

3-in-1 Magnetic Liner - use with magnetic lashes when fully dry and regular lashes when wet. Extra-pigmented & strong hold.  

Step 2: Choose Magnetic Lashes. Here are Joy’s recommendations “For a more glam look, I like to use the style called “High Voltage”. For everyday wear, I recommend trying out “Stick It To Me” as they are more natural.” 

magnetic lashes  

High Voltage – ¾ quarter band, 8 mini magnets, Full Volume, 30+ wears  

 magnetic eyelashes

Stick It To Me – ¾ quarter band, 8 mini magnets, Flared, 30+ wears 

Step 3: Take a lash on the lash applicator & apply the lashes once the liner is fully dry while looking down. Make sure the magnets attach to liner and adjust the inner & outer corners as needed.  

And that’s it! Super easy and beginner friendly.  

Here are some additional tips from Joy: 

“If you are planning on wearing them the entire day while working, working out, etc — make sure to grab a 3-in-1 liner with you in case you need to touch up throughout the day.”  


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