How does Magnetic Eyeliner work?

Liquid eyeliners have been an essential part of the beauty industry since the 1960’s. The colour you use, the way you apply it, and your signature style all say something about you. But what if an eyeliner could be more? What if there was an eyeliner that let you make a statement and allowed you to apply false lashes? Well, there is… and through innovation over recent years, magnetic formulations have become the hottest new trend.  

magnetic eyeliner velour lashes

What makes magnetic eyeliner different from regular eyeliner? 

Like regular liquid liner, magnetic liners are usually black, so the pigment adds more definition along the lash line. 

Magnetic liners, however, are multitaskers – the liner can be used alone (like a regular liquid liner), or to apply magnetic falsies!  

Magnetic eyeliner also makes lash application easier: 

  1. Fewer steps are needed – just apply eyeliner, let it dry, and apply the lash (it will snap right on)!  
  2. It’s less messy - no glue or adhesive is needed, so you won’t struggle with getting your lash to stick. 

How do you know which magnetic eyeliner to choose? 

There are plenty of magnetic eyeliners out there, so choosing just one can be overwhelming. From our experience, performancevalue, and strength are all important factors when choosing a magnetic eyeliner.  

  1. Performance: How easily does the liner glide across the eyelid? How black is it? What is the pigment like? Would you wear it as a standalone eyeliner? 

  2. Value: Is it a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1? 

  3. Strength: Does it provide strong-hold for the magnetic lash band? How does it hold up against a tug test? Does it provide long-lasting wear? 

Our favourite is (obviously) the Velour Beauty Lash & Go Eyeliner. It’s a 3-in-1 product that triples as an eyeliner, traditional lash glue and magnetic liner, so not only can you use it as mentioned above, but it is also compatible with regular false lashes! 

The new and improved formula of Velour’s Lash & Go liner has the exact same performance as the original 2-in-1 version but is now magnetized with more pigment and smooth-glide on application. Plus, it’s ultra-black, non-irritating, 100% vegan and cruelty free. This seems to be the most innovative magnetic eyeliner on the market, as you can use it on its own, with regular false lashes AND magnetic lashes. It doesn’t get better than that!  

magnetic eyeliner lash & go

How do you apply magnetic lashes to magnetic eyeliner? 

Applying magnetic lashes onto magnetic eyeliner is easier than you might think. Since the liner is magnetized, the magnetic lash will *snap* right into place! A magnetic lash has a series of magnets along the lash band, that mold to the shape of your lash line. When you apply the magnetic lash, make sure it’s sitting flush against the eyelid just above the lash line. 

magnetic eyelashes velour

Is magnetic eyeliner safe for eyes? 

Yes. When selecting a magnetic eyeliner, we’d recommend considering a non-irritating formulation. When choosing magnetic lashes, we’d also suggest looking for a lash band that has rounded magnets, are lightweight and are made on a comfortable lash band. 

When using magnetic lashes and liner you also don't run the risk of pulling out natural lashes on removal because the band doesn't come into contact with your natural lashes, only the magnetic liner.  

magnetic eyelashes velour

Is magnetic eyeliner the way of the future? 

Liquid eyeliner will always be a staple within the beauty industry. With more innovative products being developed every year, something like magnetic eyeliner is sure to stick around for a long time – especially if it performs well as a standalone. Magnetic lashes are becoming more and more prominent in the lash space, driven by innovation, social media, and consumer demand for an easier way to apply lashes.  

We think magnetic eyeliner is a great option for those looking for easier application, more value, and for something unique!