What Your Favourite Magnetic Lash Says About You

Your go-to lash style says a lot about you and your personality. Do you turn up the voltage with trending looks or keep it classic with a cat eye? Whichever magnetic lash you choose, you’ll be sure to attract the attention of everyone in the room. 

High Voltage 

 magnetic false eyelashes @barbbeautyyy 

You’re the beauty guru of the group! When a friend has a makeup question, you’re always there to help. If your favourite magnetic lashes are High Voltage, you’re caught up on the latest trends, and every look is done to perfection. You hopped on the magnetic eyelash trend in the early days and have mastered the art of liquid liner. You’re known for switching up your look based on what's trending – wearing a smokey eye one day and a clean look the next. Whatever you look, you never forget your lashes!  

Opposites Attract  

 best magnetic false lashes


If your favourite magnetic lashes are Opposites Attract, you’re the classic girl next door - sweet, but sometimes a little spicy. There’s definitely more to you than meets the eye and that attracts others around you. Your go-to makeup look is classic and chic – you invented ‘that girl’ aesthetic before it made it to TikTok.  


magnetic false eyelashes @glowsliv 

If your favourite magnetic lashes are Magnet-Eyezed, you’re the fun one of the friend group! Full of bold personality and spontaneous ideas, last- minute plans are your favourite way to keep life interesting. You make bold choices and never do the same thing twice. Some call it impulsive, you call it living your best life. As long as you have time to throw on a quick makeup look with a dash of colour, you’re good to go - after all, your favourite magnetic lashes apply in seconds! 

She’s A Magnet 

 best magnetic false eyelashes 


If your favourite magnetic lashes are She's A Magnet, you’re the shy one in the group. Everyone is intrigued by your mystery and loves the vibe you give off - you’re a magnet! Your go-to makeup look is soft and peachy to enhance this light whispy lash.  


 best magnetic false eyelashes


Do you ever walk into a room and immediately draw attention? Yep, that’s YOU! If your favourite magnetic lashes are Electromagnetic, your walk, body language, and makeup skills demand the attention of everyone in the room - in the best way possible. You’re known for fun graphic liner that screams personality!  

Magnetic Force 

magnetic false eyelashes


If your favourite magnetic lashes are Magnetic Force, you’re a fan of the classics, you’ve worn a black winged eyeliner with a whispy lash as long as you can remember. You’re always up for hanging out with friends and love taking fun pics with your polaroid camera. Your go-to makeup look is obviously a cat eye - an effortless winged liner and a flared lash.