What is Ashwagandha and why is it good for you?

One of the most exciting trends in recent years is Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng, which is a highly effective regenerative herb that strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. Recently, the popularity of “Indian Winter Cherry” skyrocketed among the cosmetics and beauty industry thanks to all its magical properties. 

Good for Your Hair

The root of Ashwagandha is a calming plant best known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and reduction of cortisol levels. It’s also rich in powerful antioxidants and a source of flavonoids that possess fatty acids and help protect against hair fall out. Ashwagandha also encourages collagen products and natural oils in the skin which results in healthier and shinier hair. All these amazing benefits came together in our Pretty Big Deal Mascara as we combined powerful ingredients to create our lash serum. 

Pretty Big Deal Mascara by Velour Beauty

Good for Your Skin

Due to its stimulation and production of collagen, Ashwagandha is seen as a beauty enhancer. It protects and improves the skin by reducing fine lines and hormones responsible for acne. Thanks to this amazing herb, skin feels more elastic, healthy and firm. For this reason, Indian Ginseng is also anti-aging as it calms and moisturizes the skin. It could also be a life saver for anyone with a dry or problematic skin type as it cleanses pores and adds the necessary moisture.

Good for Your Mental Health

As was mentioned already, Ashwagandha reduces stress and can help you feel more relaxed. These properties allow it to be used for insomnia as it calms the nervous system. Traditionally, it has even been applied on joint pains and skin sores to heal wounds. As well as reducing stress, it can also make you feel more energised and stronger. This super herb acts as a natural antidepressant while also strengthening your immune system. 

Overall, Ashwagandha is a super fruit packed with amazing properties that are good for your skin, hair and general well-being. Give it a try by adding it into your routine and see for yourself. 

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