The Plant-Based Future of False Lashes

Introducing the NEW Plant Fibre Lash Collection - our most sustainable innovation yet. The false lashes in this collection are handmade with a unique (and unheard of) material in the false lash space: Hemp-Derived Fibres. These new plant-based falsies are a great alternative to synthetic lashes for those who are looking for something more sustainable. And of course, in true Velour style, they’re super lightweight, ultra-whispie and luxurious - you’d never know they were entirely plant-based! 

 plant fibre fibres velour false lashes

What Are Plant-Based False Lashes? 

Exactly what they sound like – vegan lashes made entirely out of plant materials! Our plant-fibre lashes are made with 100% hemp-derived fibres that are soft, beautifully curled and have a precise taper, so they look and feel luxurious. Unlike some synthetic fibres which can look blunt and fake, this lash material is ultra-whispie and natural-looking.   plant fibre false lashes

What makes plant fibre false lashes more sustainable? 

As our most sustainable false lash collection, everything from band to fibre is entirely plant-based, which means the lashes themselves are 90% biodegradable. With sustainability in mind, it was really important to us that these vegan lashes were long-lasting and reusable, so after a LOT of testing and development, we’re proud to say that our plant-based lashes can be reused over 20+ times! 

Not only is the collection vegan and cruelty-free, but the packaging is also 100% recyclable! By switching to our paper packaging and more eco-friendly soy-based ink, we have removed approximately 13,727kg of unrecycled plastics per year from our oceans and landfills. 


hemp derived false lashes velour Are plant-based eyelashes comfortable? 

Yes! Our Plant Fibre eyelashes are handmade on a thin, flexible black cotton thread band which means they’re super comfortable to wear all day long. They’re also our most lightweight vegan lashes so if you are new to lashes, or you're looking for something you can wear for long periods of time, this is the collection for you! 

Are hemp lashes easy to use for beginners? 

At Velour, we pride ourselves on making lash application simple. Our Plant Fibre false lashes can be applied in just 4 steps. The bands are full length, which means they will need to be trimmed before application to fit your unique eye shape.  

Step 1: Prep & Measure! Hold the lash up against your natural lash line to measure the correct length. 

Step 2: Use the Velour Too Sharp Lash Scissors to trim the lash band for your desired fit. Ensure you’re trimming from the outer corner, not the inner. 

Step 3: Apply either the Velour Lash Adhesive along the lash band, or the Velour Lash & Go Eyeliner to your lash line.  

Step 4: Use the Too Easy Lash Applicator or your fingers to apply the lashes directly onto your lash line. Adjust as needed to secure in place. 


easy false lash application plant fibre lashes 

Eye Shapes and Lash Styles 

Everyone can feel confident wearing Plant Fibre lashes as the collection has a range of styles designed to suit all eye shapes, whether you have round, almond, hooded or monolid eyes.  

Check out below what eyelash styles suit which eye shape the most! It’s definitely not a strict rule and a lot depends on personal preference.  


Lash Shape: Round  

The Look: Doe-Eye Effect  

Eye Shape It’s Best For: Hooded & Monolid 


second nature false lashes

before after hooded false eyelashes


Lash Shape: Flared  

The Look: Cat-Eye Effect  

Eye Shape It’s Best For: Round 

plant fibre false lashes velour beauty

before after round eyelashes


Lash Shape: Round  

The Look: Doll-Eye Effect  

Eye Shape It’s Best For: Almond & Monolid  

a new leaf velour beauty plant fibre lashes before after monolid and almond false lashes

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