I Tried Velour's Lash Serum and Grew My Lashes in Less Than 6 Weeks!

Starting off my journey for healthier, longer, and stronger lashes I knew that this wasn't going to be an overnight sensation, but instead a core product in my forever regime to show long-term results and maintenance. 

I always say patience is a virtue and trust me, being patient and using Velour's Long & Strong Lash Serum in my night-time skincare routine on the regular has paid off in the long run. If you're diligent in incorporating this like taking your daily vitamins or putting on moisturizer, you'll see results! For all those skeptics out there, this one is for you - just take a look at my 6-week journey pics!

My natural lashes before using the lengthening lash serum were fairly brittle and lacked density. They grow out straight and point downwards, so holding a curl has been a struggle. The length of them was promising, but without the strength, there wasn't much to work with.



After just 6 weeks of using the peptide-based lash serum religiously in my nighttime skincare routine, I noticed they started to grow out thicker and longer. My lashes started feeling healthier and stronger - the lash density alone looked like it doubled and they no longer fell out on their own as quickly. The life cycle of my eyelash follicle was falling out a lot later than its initial growth cycle.

The application process was super easy but reminding myself to apply nightly before going to bed took some time getting used to. I would apply it once a day like a liquid liner: it had an immediate cooling effect with no irritation, perfect for my sensitive eyes!

Enhanced with natural ingredients from nourishing botanical extracts, peptides, and amino acids, I was excited to see just potent these natural ingredients would be in stimulating my eyelash growth. Personally? I was hoping it would enhance by thickening, preventing breakage and giving it a bit more fullness while boosting the length of them. 

When week 2 hit, it was too early to see any changes visibly. What I was able to notice was that my lashes weren't thinning out as quickly as they used to and it seemed like I caught it in the middle of a lash regrowth cycle, so tiny baby lashes were starting to grow in.



By week 4 I noticed that my lashes, specifically the outer corner, had better retention and looked healthier as new lashes grew in. Did they look longer? Yes! Since my lashes weren't falling out as quickly and were rooted in my lash follicles, they started to appear longer! Slowly, I was seeing the results I had expected to, though keep in mind everyone will have a different growth rate and experience.

At 6 weeks, I was thoroughly impressed with my results and have no intentions of stopping my growth journey any time soon. I no longer felt that my lashes were sparse and short - they instead held my curls better than before, felt lengthened and thicker and I was even happy with just having them curled up without mascara.



I did want to highlight my full experience by further enhancing the natural lash look by curling my lashes with our Too Extra Lash Curler and applying a coat of Pretty Big Deal 3-in-1 Peptide & Tubing Mascara to enhance my lashes. They looked so luscious in my final results and I can say confidently that I have longer and stronger lashes than ever before.



You can even get the full experience with our NEW 24hr Lash Care Kit to get the best of both worlds and experience, a mini version of our Long & Strong Lash Serum for your nighttime routine and Pretty Big Deal Mascara for the daytime! Lash care is self-care and honestly, self-care is self-love so treat yourself.