"I put Velour's Plant Lashes to the test. Here's how they are different from synthetic lashes."

Plant Lashes? No way. 

Who would have thought that false lashes could be made from plants? To be more specific – hemp! These new-to-market, first of their kind, hemp-derived lashes are the definition of innovation. They are unique in more ways than one, and I’m here to tell you why these need to be your next (and most anticipated) beauty purchase. 

Velour Beauty’s Plant Fibre Lash Collection is the epitome of sustainable luxury. They are whispie, expertly tapered, beautifully curled and super lightweight, fluffy lashes! I expected a fibre made from hemp to have a certain heaviness to it, but these were light as a feather. I also found the band to be sturdy enough to hold its shape, but still very flexible so it was comfortable to wear all day. 

The fact that these lashes are biodegradable blows my mind – like how?! I always felt guilty going through lashes in the past, knowing they would end up in a landfill somewhere. But now having a plant-based lash option makes me feel so much better about repurchasing falsies (these ones are actually 90% biodegradable), especially because they are a staple in my makeup routine. 

plant lashes velour

Plant-Based vs Synthetic Lashes 

I was skeptical at first (as you should be with anything new-to-market) I wasn’t sure if Plant Fibre eyelashes would live up to my luxury lash standards - all which happen to live in the synthetic category. I’m very particular about synthetic lashes, as most of them can look very fake. And by fake, I mean blunt, thick, shiny, not tapered, cheap... you get what I mean. So, I have a very small group of synthetic lashes that are next level gorgeous, and super luxe looking. 

However, Plant Fibre was like nothing I’ve tried before, mainly due to the comfort to luxury ratio, in addition to them being made from hemp. I was floored... they not only looked and felt luxurious on their own, they actually looked and felt better than the synthetic lashes at the top on my roster!  

plant lashes false lashWhy Plant Lashes? 

I decided to wear Plant Fibre Lashes for the first time for a girls brunch, which turned into a mimosa-filled afternoon, and later an eventful night out. I hadn’t expected to wear the lashes for more than a couple hours, but it ended up being an almost 12-hour affair! AND THEY LASTED THE WHOLE TIME. 

I also received so many compliments on them – not only the style but how luxe they looked, and I knew these were my new go-to false lashes. I wore the style Cloud Nine and they were just what I wanted for my almond eye shape. I really like to accentuate my eyes by elongating them more with a flared lash, and Cloud Nine was exactly that, with stunning full volume. They were the perfect balance of sultry and whispie, without being too long. 

plant lashes velour beauty

Velour state that you can reuse Plant Fibre Lashes over 20 times, and I plan to put that to the test! I’ve already re-worn them after that initial day-to-night adventure, and they still look brand new!