Glue & Go vs. Line & Lash: What are the Different Ways to Apply False Lashes?

Do you know the easiest way to apply false lashes? Do you usually wear liner or prefer a no-makeup makeup look? 

False lashes can be applied using a lash adhesive/glue (this is still the most common method of application), or with an adhesive or magnetic eyeliner. Both ways have their benefits, so it’s ultimately up to you which you prefer! 

False lashes for Beginners


Velour Beauty offers false eyelashes and adhesives for everyone, whether you prefer to glue and go, or line and lash - with our OG White Latex-Free Lash Adhesive and Black Lash Adhesive,or our highly coveted Lash & Go Eyeliner. Let us break it down for you. 

Lash Adhesives & liner

Glue & Go  

If you prefer a clean makeup look, here is an overview of how to use a lash adhesive to apply your go-to falsies! 

If you’re using an adhesive, we’d recommend applying a thin layer to the lash band and waiting 30 seconds for the adhesive to get tacky. With Velour’s Late-Free White Lash Adhesive, you’ll know it’s ready to apply because it will change colour from white to a blue-ish clear colour! 

One of our pro tips for extra hold is to add an extra dot of adhesive to the corners of the lash band.  

Once the adhesive is tacky, you can pop on your false lash with your fingers or with the Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator and voilà, you’re ready to go! 

If you’re a lash newbie and want to learn more, check out this blog for tips and tricks to build your confidence! 


Line & Lash 

Do you love liner? Is your go-to look a classic wing or cat eye? Then our 3-in-1 Lash & Go Eyeliner is for you! This hybrid eyeliner is our go-to for applying magnetic lashes or false lashes! 

Using Velour Lash & Go Eyeliner, apply from inner to outer corner of the lash line. The liner dries down quite quickly, so if you’re using it as an adhesive to apply false lashes, we’d recommend applying on one eye at a time! Once you’ve applied Lash & Go to the first eye, apply your false lash while the eyeliner is still wet. Then you can move onto the other eye following the same steps! 

How to Apply lashes

If you find magnetic eyelashes easier to apply, you can use our Lash & Go Eyeliner as well! The main difference between using it for false and magnetic lashes, is that you want to wait for the liner to dry before applying magnetic lashes. Simply line, wait for the liner to dry, then pop on your favourite magnetic lashes! 

Whether you Glue & Go or Line & Lash, Velour has what you need for easy false lash application. Give them both a try and share your favourite application method below!