Everything You Need for an Easy False Lash Application

‘I don’t wear false lashes because they’re just so hard to put on!’ - you’ve definitely heard someone say that before, and it can be tricky if it’s your first time. That’s why we decided to put together our BEST tips and tricks for you, false lash beginners, so everyone can enjoy Velour lashes!

  • Trim Your Lashes From The Outer Corner

  • Lashes with full-length bands such as our Vegan Mink Luxe lashes may need to be trimmed to fit your eyes., The best way to approach this is by trimming them from the outer corner. This technique ensures your lashes keep their best shape. PRO TIP: toggle the lash band before application to loosen the band for maximum comfort. This way the lash will sit more naturally on the eyes, and be flexible to your unique eye shape.

    If trimming false lashes sounds too challenging, go for our no-trim lashes with a ¾ length band. Our Effortless Collection is the Best of Beauty Allure Winner for a reason - it allows you to skip the measuring and trimming steps for the easiest false lash application possible.

  • Prep Your Lashes With Mascara

  • Before false lashes can be applied, make sure you are ready for them! One thin coat of mascara is enough to prepare your natural lashes. Having said that, you can avoid this step if you’d rather not wear mascara with your falsies. Feel free to curl your lashes before application too! Here's also a quick video by @morganmsellers on how she applies her lashes. 

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  • Applying Lash Adhesive OR Lash & Go Eyeliner

  • This step can definitely be challenging to know how much adhesive to use, but we wouldn’t be Velour if we didn’t come up with a more innovative alternative. Check out our Lash & Go Eyeliner, an Allure and NewBeauty Award Winner, for its game-changing formula. It acts as a lash adhesive when wet and an eyeliner when dry. It’s ultra-black formula has a satin-matte finish, and makes lash application so much easier. Just apply Lash & Go like you would with any liquid eyeliner and pop your falsies on top. Easy peasy! PRO TIP: apply liner and lashes one eye at a time if using the Lash & Go Eyeliner.

    However, if you’d rather stick to a regular lash adhesive, make sure you place the glue on the top portion of the band and not only the thicker part underneath. This will ensure the falsies stand up and open up your eyes, rather than drooping downward. Apply a reasonable amount of glue along the full length of the band, and for extra hold place three dots on the inner corner, inner corner and centre of the lash band. PRO TIP: leave the adhesive on the false lashes for about 30 seconds before applying. This allows the adhesive to become tacky and stick better. 


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  • Applying False Lashes

  • When applying lashes, you might find it easier to use helpful lash tools such as our Too Easy Lash Applicator or tweezers. PRO TIP: once holding your false lashes with a lash applicator, place a mirror under your chin and look down at the mirror to clearly see your natural lash line. Place your lashes in the center of your lash line and adjust both outer and inner corners for a perfect fit.

  • Look Fabulous

  • Look in the mirror, smile, and tell yourself that you look FABULOUS. We know you do!

    With Whispie Love,

    The Velour Team