Considering What to Get for Mother’s Day? Read our Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s the perfect occasion to spend time with your favourite women. In addition to spending quality time together, why not treat your mom to a beautiful gift? We all know mothers definitely deserve it! Make them feel confident with the new false lashes or elevate their skincare routine with lash care! 

Here’s our rundown of the best beauty gifts for Mother’s Day in 2022: 

Plant Fibre Set 

The latest addition to our false lash assortment! Select two styles from our most sustainable lashes that are super fluffy and lightweight. Thanks to the soft cotton lash band, these plant lashes ensure all-day comfort and don’t weigh down the eyes. Plus, you get around 20+ uses per lash so the set will last almost 2 months (if you wear false lashes daily).  

plant fibre set mother's day

A great beauty gift for a mum who loves eco-friendly beauty and will be blown away by the hemp-derived false lash innovation.  

24HR Lash Care Kit  

This two-step lash care system protects lashes during the day and nourishes them at night. Mini Pretty Big Deal Mascara and its tubing formula ensure your lashes are shielded from environmental damage. It’s also smudge-proof and super easy to remove compared to traditional mascaras. Our Lash Serum contains peptides, amino acids and ginseng root extract to encourage new hair growth and visibly increase the thickness of natural lashes.  

24hr lash care kit mother's day

Perfect for a mum who loves an easy lash care routine and loves natural ingredients. 

Effortless Kit 

Our bestseller has everything you need for a seamless false lash application. It contains the Effortless lash style Would I Lie?, a mini lash applicator and a mini white adhesive. This natural looking lash requires no trimming which makes it super easy to apply for anyone - your mum will love how her eyes open up with these beauties on. 

false lashes beauty set mother's day

We’d recommend this for a mum who loves effortless false lash application and enjoys having everything in one kit! 

Lash Clean Set  

If your mother already loves her false lashes, our Lash Clean Set is the perfect addition to her beauty bag. It includes Lash Clean, the Too Clean Wand and reusable eco cotton pads. Our customer-favourite Lash Clean works wonders on false lashes and the wand helps to remove any makeup residue on false lash fibres. Plus, Lash Clean can remove any makeup and is safe to use on lash extensions. Our Reusable bamboo pads can be rewashed up to 1,000 times, making them the most sustainable makeup remover pads. Use them with Lash Clean to remove makeup. 

mother's day beauty gift guide

Get this for a mum who loves taking care of her false lashes and seeks sustainable beauty in her routine. 

Choose 2 Lashes  

This false lash set is amazing value and gives you the choice of two vegan luxe lash styles. Thanks to the luxurious fibre of these false lashes, they can be used up to 25+ times and vary a lot in volume and style for any occasion. Select from 13 different styles of false lashes for all eye shapes and sizes.  

The ideal gift for a mum who loves experimenting with her beauty looks and loves false eyelashes for any occasion. 

 false lashes for mother's day gifts

Have the best Mother’s Day celebration this year and make sure to spend time with the precious women in your life. We sincerely wish every mother the best day filled with joy, love and Velour goodies!