10 Easy Holiday Makeup Trends to Try in 2021

The countdown is on for office Holiday parties, friendsmass and family gatherings. So, to help, we’ve put together all the holiday makeup inspiration you’ll need from now until the New Year, from sparkling lids to a classic red lip.  

"It’s because I’m green, isn’t it?” 

Steal Christmas this year by adding a pop of green to your eye makeup. 
Line your inner corner or lower lash line with a festive shade of green or some light champagne sparkles to brighten up the eyes. Top with a half lash of your choice from the Effortless Collection - for this look we’d recommend No Drama and Mini Me which are designed on a ¾ no-trim band with soft whispy lash fibres. 

holiday make up trends green eye makeup

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Wing it this year 

Unsure about your makeup look for the season? Wing it with a black liquid-liner like our Lash & Go. Our formulation triples as an adhesive and magnetic liner so now you can add lashes to your classic liner! The ultra-precise felt tip applicator and inkwell style eyeliner delivers the sharpest wing for the most mesmerizing eye looks. The new and improved 3-in-1 formula is an ultra-black pigmented formula for a flawless application in 1 coat. Applying magnetic lashes? We advise 2 coats! 

winged eyeliner holiday trend 2021

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You had me at Merlot 

Party makeup does not exclude understated beauty. This wine-inspired ensemble will give your lids a pop of colour without being too classically Christmas. Pair with a glossy berry lip and a glass (or two) of merlot. 

To recreate this look, after your shadow, simply apply the Lash & Go magnetic liner and apply the magnetic lashes once dry. Snap on the no-trim lash and feel confident wearing them all night long while sipping champagne with the 8 strong hold mini-magnets (no anchors to weigh you down!) These lashes require very little skill or effort, simply let the magnets do the work! 

wine inspired beauty make up trend 2021

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWuL5JztBCC/ 

Natural Glam 

There is never a wrong time or place for this timeless makeup look: lightly-shadowed lids, fluttery lashes, rosy cheeks and a classic red lip. 



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Get everything you need with the Effortless Kit- including a set of Would I Lie? Lashes, a mini applicator, and mini lash adhesive. These easy to apply no-trim lashes pair with whatever look you're dreaming of (don’t forget that red lip!) These Would I Lie? Lashes are soft and whispy with a subtle outer corner flare, the most natural in the effortless collection and loved by all that try them. 

Shimmering Shadows 

Serve some gingerbread spice vibes with warm-toned shadows and a touch of shimmer!  

This look pairs well with ANY outfit in your closet! Sweep shimmer shadows closer to your inner corner and darker shades to the outer corner to emphasize the eye contour and use different lash styles to complete the look.  
Larger twinkle eyes? Try a ROUNDED lash like Dream Girl.  Want to add some spice with a cat eye? A FLARED lash like Can’t Be Tamed or Sinful! 

twinkle eyes make up trend velour lashes

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Twinkle all the way with a full glam lash from the Vegan Luxe collection, mimicking hair-like textures and layered volume they’ll be your new special occasion lash or who knows, a new ‘22 favourite. Choose from 13 styles ranging from full glam to light and natural. 

Bright & Bold 

Easily create a natural glam holiday look with a no trim, half lash like Mini Me and fan out those bottom lashes with Pretty Big Deal mascara 

The Minis Set features everything you need, including a set of Mini Me lashes, and mini sized beauty accessories like Pretty Big Deal mascara, lash applicator and adhesive. When the night wraps up, take the day off with reusable cotton rounds and our fan favourite Lash Clean. 

bright and bold lip trend 2021

50 Shades of Nude 

Not all festive looks need to be painted over red and green. Add some shimmer to the eyes and a warm glossy lip to brighten up the dullness of winter.  

Pretty Big Deal Mascara and some shimmer is all you need to feel festive! Plus, it’s the top choice for those colder months because it acts as a shield protecting your lashes against the elements. The tubing formula ensures those snowflakes on your lashes will not smudge onto your face. 

nude make up trend 2021

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVBna02hn-D/ 

Bejeweled Beauty 

Add some literal sparkle to your eye replacing traditional liner with gemstones, top with a fluffy lash and you have a modern glitter eye to show off!  

Pro tip- adhere your rhinestones with Velour’s latex free lash adhesive for an all-day grip but comfortable removal. Trus us- those gems will last past midnight on NYE 

glitter on eyemakeup holiday trends

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Classic Red Lip 

Just like the holidays, there are some traditions we cannot live without like... A classic winged liner paired with a red lip. A classic holiday look is pretty much everyone's go-to all December long! Pair a great liquid liner, like Lash & Go with fluffy lashes and a red lip. Go as big and bold or soft and sweet as you want, playing with different liner shapes and lip tones 

 red lip makeup look holidays 2021

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Mulled Wine Mocktail  

Love the liner and red lip look but not a fan of black liner? (Or not feeling that liner confident?) We got you!  Try taping off your eye area and blending your shadows as normal, peel the tape off to reveal a clean and sharp “winged liner look” without the inked mess. Think of this as the ‘mocktail’ version of a classic holiday look! 

mulled wine cocktail makeup look 2021

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXICKGXFr5q/  

All I want for Christmas is... to see YOU!  

Inspired? You’re welcome. Now go sleigh at your next party and tag us with #VelourBabe at @velourbeautyofficial if you try any of these looks!