What Your Favourite Velour Lash Style Says About You

Your favourite false lash style says a lot about your personality! For all the lash lovers out there, here are some of our bestselling Velour lash styles and what your top picks say about you... 

Can’t Be Tamed  can't be tamed vegan lashes

vegan eyelashes soft glam


If your favourite false lash style is Vegan Luxe Can’t Be Tamed, you’re a hottie. We don’t make the rules. Can’t Be Tamed is fluffy, flared and dramatic - no wonder it’s a Velour bestseller!  While more voluminous glam eyelash styles may be intimidating to some, you’re bold and up for the challenge. 

Would I Lie?  would i lie effortless false eyelashes false eyelashes eyeshape


If Would I Lie? is your go-to style, you’re totally THAT GIRL. You like to keep things super simple and have a “soft aesthetic”. Your favourite colour is pink and a half lash foxy eye topped with a flared and whispy eyelash like Would I Lie? has become your go-to makeup look. 

Poker Face  

poker face false eyelashes

fake eyelashes velour

You‘re a classic beauty! You’ve never had a bad makeup day and always dress to impress. You discovered Poker Face false lashes while browsing Sephora’s Next Big Thing display and never looked back – if it ain’t broke...  


Pretty Big Deal Mascara 

tubing mascara velour

tubing mascara natural eyelashes   

What’s it like being the favourite? Your lashes are naturally gorgeous thanks to your minimalist makeup routine. It’s a no-brainer really, using a tubing mascara with a built-in lash serum to maintain those sky-high lashes! Paired with a strong lash curler, your eyes are your best feature. Whether you’re in a Zoom meeting or going out with your friends, Pretty Big Deal tubing mascara is your lash BFF. 

Opposites Attract  magnetic false eyelashes

magnetic eyelashes


You love looking flawless, but who has the time? You keep it on the DL, but magnetic lashes are your time-saving secret. Your favourite magnetic lash style is Opposites Attract, which has just enough whisp, length and volume to add some drama to the eye. Everyone at the office wonders how you look so fab at 8am, but you’re keeping them guessing. 

Cloud Nine  cloud nine plant fibre lashes

natural sustainable false eyelashes


You’re hip, you’re cool, you’re sustainable and on-trend! You go for a minimalist makeup look and LOVE a fluffy lash. The soft hemp-derived fibres from Plant Fibre’s  Cloud Nine have your heart and the flared style pairs perfectly with your glowy minimalist makeup look. Now that you’ve tried Plant Fibre lashes you probably won't go back to other synthetic false lashes tbh.  

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