Velour Awards Collection

Not to brag, but we have won some amazing awards so far! Innovation is a huge part of our DNA and we cannot be more thankful for the recognition and the support of our Velour family. As we evolve, our first priority will always be to make innovative products affordable for everyone as we work hard to solve every pain point. Check out this list of Velour’s achievements so far & we don’t plan to stop!

2021 NewBeauty Award: Innovations for Lash & Go Liner: “An alternative to magnetic lashes, it works without magnets and can be used with any lashes you love, making the notoriously difficult process of falsie application much less frustrating. It dries matte, it stays put all day and it’s beloved by lash aficionados and novices alike.”

lash & go eyeliner Velour Beauty

2020 Allure Best of Beauty Awards for Lash & Go Liner and the Effortless Collection: The year of 2020 proved challenging for many but Velour still achieved amazing results with our staple Effortless Collection and Lash & Go Liner. 

2020 Essence Best in Black Beauty Award for the Effortless Kit: “If you weren’t blessed with long and full natural lashes, these realistic falsies will do the trick.”

effortless kit velour beauty

2019 Allure Best of Beauty Award for Too Easy Lash Applicator: Our Too Easy Lash Applicator got the stamp of Allure approval as one of the best tools for the easiest lash application. It features a curved lash tweezer on one end for easy placement and adjustment & a comb on the other end for finishing touches.