How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable with Plant Lashes

April is Earth Month, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate mother nature and all the ways we’re working towards a greener future. As a beauty brand, we want to help you make your beauty routine more sustainable as well. Wondering how lashes can be sustainable? Let’s dive deeper into the magic of Plant Lashes and the features you should look for in sustainable beauty.  

Sustainable Materials 

Plant-based lashes are Velour's latest innovation in the false lash category. Handmade with hemp-derived fibres, they are an amazing alternative to synthetic false lashes. Everything from the lash band to lashes is made from hemp and is therefore 100% plant-based - which means these false lashes are 90% biodegradable. Simply by switching to plant lashes, you can reduce your waste from synthetic lashes which are often made from cheap plastic!  

Our lashes come in recyclable packaging. By switching form acrylic to paper packaging and an eco-friendlier soy-based ink, we have removed approximately 13,727kg of unrecycled plastics per year from our oceans and landfills. On top of that, we believe our lash cases can be repurposed at home as the perfect jewelry tray or storge for vitamins! 

 plant lashes velour 2022


You should also consider the number of uses you can get out of your false lashes. Our plant-based vegan lashes are long-lasting and can be reused over 20+ times. It took a lot of testing and development, but we think it’s 100% worth it! 

reusable plant lashes velour

But making your beauty routine more sustainable doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the comfort of false lashes. Our Plant Fibre lashes are designed on a thin, flexible black cotton thread band giving you comfortable wear all-day. Thanks to the unique qualities of the material, these false lashes are also our most lightweight and whispy lashes. Check out the reviews here. You can choose from 3 different styles to find the right style for you!  

 eco cotton pads

Pair our Plant Lashes with our Bamboo Cotton Pads for an even more sustainable beauty routine. Eco-cotton pads can be reused up to 1,000 times (which helps save $$$ and reduces waste).  

Making sustainable choices isn’t always easy, but by making small everyday changes we can make a big impact. Why not start small without compromising on comfort, beauty and luxurious feel of your false lashes? Cheers to our planet and our eco-friendly future!