How to Choose Fake Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

Have you ever been shopping for false eyelashes and wondered what style would be best for you? Or more importantly, why a certain shape would be better than another? Well... we’ve been there, done that, and understand it can be a challenge to say the least. Choosing a lash style starts with personal preference, because that’s what matters the most. If you love a rounded lash, then choose a rounded lash. However, if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of it all and learn what style suits your eye shape best, then you've come to the right place.

Velour Beauty False Eyelashes Eye Shapes Round Almond Monolid Hooded

Choosing the right lash style for your eye shape

Almond, round, monolid, hooded... these are the most common types of eye shapes that go hand in hand with false eyelashes. With the abundance of different lash brands on the market and thousands of styles to choose from, it can be a tad overwhelming to understand the intricacies of what will look best. To begin, you want to decide on a style based on its shape and compare it to the shape of your eyes. The general rule of thumb is ‘opposites attract’. Therefore, if you have rounded eyes, you might want to choose a winged or flared style, where the length of hair is longest on the outer corner, as that will balance out the circular roundness and elongate the eyes for a more flattering effect. And if you have aalmond shaped eye, you might want to choose a rounded lash where the length of hair is longest in the center, which in turn will give the illusion of opening the eye for a bigger, more awake effect.

Velour Beauty False Eyelashes Choosing Eye Shapes Almond Round Hooded Monolid

You can wear false lashes all day, every day, for any occasion

False eyelash shapes come in all varieties of length, volume, wispiness and drama. You could literally choose 20 different lash styles that will ALL compliment your natural eye shape but have different levels of volume and length, giving you options for many occasions. Daytime errands, first date, award ceremony, graduation, a grand gala... the options are endless. As we say, the more (lashes), the merrier! Velour Beauty for example, has everything from natural and effortless to glamour and volume lashes. 

Velour Beauty False Eyelash Shapes Round Almond Hooded Monolid

Check out our eye shape list below!

Best false eyelashes for ROUND shaped eyes are flared, winged lashes.

Velour Beauty Round Shaped Eye False Lashes

Best false eyelashes for ALMOND shaped eyes are round lashes, but they can actually wear any style! How lucky?!

Velour Beauty Almond Eye Shape False Lashes

Best false eyelashes for MONOLID shaped eyes are longer, round lashes. 

Velour Beauty Monolid Eye Shape False Lashes

Best false eyelashes for HOODED shaped eyes are round lashes. 

Velour Beauty Hooded Eye Shape False Lashes

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