What Makes Velour Faux Mink Lashes Unique?

Buying false lashes can be a challenge with different options on the clean beauty market varying in price, quality, styles and so on. If you’re a newbie to the lash world, the decision to choose the best pair of fake lashes is even more challenging. So how do Velour Lashes stand out and what makes us unique? We’re glad you asked!

Advanced technology & innovative approach to false lashes

First and foremost, Velour Lashes strives to be the best clean beauty brand and is 100% Vegan as we banned mink fur false eyelashes and stopped making mink lashes in 2020. To maintain the luxurious feel and touch of our lashes, we developed a unique curling formula for the mink hair-like fibres. Our matte finishing touch also ensures a natural look of our lashes compared to typical synthetic lashes you find in stores. Even being vegan, our fibres closely mimic the look and feel of the real mink delivering on the luxury quality Velour is known for.  

The Longevity of Velour’s False Lashes

Velour Beauty’s vegan lashes mean an investment in your beauty routine. Compared to cheaper fake lashes on the market, Velour eyelashes can last up to 25+ applications if properly lash care is considered. You could wear one pair for almost a month which makes our cruelty-free lashes very economical and long-lasting. Our false lashes were named ‘Best for Reusability’ by Who What Wear.  We ensure our false lashes can deliver on this promise as our mission is to make vegan lashes affordable for anyone who wants to live in lashes.

Beginner Friendly Lashes 

We’d love anyone interested in trying out false lashes to feel confident with Velour Beauty! Our vegan lashes are super easy to apply and we have a special section on how-to apply here. To help with the easiest lash application ever, our team has also developed the Beginner Lash Kit which includes one unique vegan faux lash Light & Fluffy and our mini clear latex free lash adhesive

Since we’re passionate about the easiest lash application ever, Velour Beauty also offers Effortless False lashes. These fake lashes require no trimming and no measure making them the best false lashes for beginners. Effortless faux lashes are best-sellers at Sephora, try it and you’ll understand why! 

Apart from the Beginner Lash Kit and our Effortless Collection, Velour Beauty also developed the first-ever Lash & Go Eyeliner that acts as an adhesive when wet and eyeliner when dry. Many beginners swear by our Lash & Go Eyeliner as an easier tool for the first fake lash application and as someone who uses it as well, I agree! 

Innovation Is Our Motto

As we aim to become the best vegan beauty brand, Velour believes in solving problems and we love to be the first ones to do it. Thanks to our CEO & Founder of Velour Lashes, Mabel Lee, we were the first brand to experiment with ‘create your own’ lashes, invisible bands and Lash & Go Eyeliner. Mabel comments: "Velour will always stand by our commitment to innovation and challenging the status quo as we evolve and grow as a brand.” As the beauty industry changes, we continue to evolve and learn - as we become an eye-centric cosmetics brand. Our first Fluff’n Brow Pencil is the only 3-in-1 tool that has reimagined how soap brows can be achieved and we don’t plan to stop.

Velour is More Than False Lashes

At Velour, we believe in our vegan false ashes giving clients the confidence they deserve. We often hear from our clients how Velour has changed their life as they began to feel more confident and self-loving when wearing our false lashes. This is the true reason why we do our work - to empower our clients to feel their best so they can succeed and achieve their goals. Velour lashes are more than fake lashes, it’s your self-care routine and an armour. 

With whispy love,

Kristina at Velour