Summer Routine – Using the Best Peptide Lash Serum

Do you have a daily skincare routine? Perhaps a weekly haircare routine? Now, what about a lash care routine? Being consistent with a routine to better the health of your skin and hair is one of the best things you can do. It's important to protect, nourish, and revitalize your hair (specifically your lashes) in the summer! Trust us, this summer, you’ll thank us. 

 peptide lash serum

Lash care is somewhat new to the beauty and cosmetic scene, and we are here for it! Taking care of your lashes is just like taking care of your skin and hair – it's self-care! That’s why we created the most gentle (yet effective) lash serum on the market, to bring life back to your eyelashes. 

  lash serum

The Long & Strong Lash Serum is a lash care essential, jam-packed full of peptides, which make your lashes longer, stronger and healthier. Botanical extracts, such as ginseng root extract and radish root ferment, are going to nourish and encourage new hair growth, while sodium hyaluronate will keep your lashes hydrated. 

 ingredients for lash serum

These supporting ingredients help create a healthy hair follicle for those potent peptides to do their best work – giving you noticeably stronger, longer, and thicker in just 6 weeks of use, with best results in 12! 

 lash serum growth

When it comes to your regular routine, you should apply the Long & Strong Lash Serum every night. This will be the last step of your skincare routine before you go to bed! Applying a lash serum is easy, just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to healthier lashes in no time. 

  1. Apply Long & Strong Lash Serum once nightly to clean, dry skin along the lash line. 
  2. Use one dip for both eyes and let dry completely. 

 applying lash serum

Since the Long & Strong Lash Serum is peptide-based, the formula is non-irritating and can be used safely each and every night. You can apply the serum to your lower lashes (and even your brows) to give them some extra love and care!