Should You Wear False Lashes for Your Wedding?

Everything needs to be perfect on your wedding day - including your makeup and the false lashes you choose to wear! But how do you achieve the perfect eye-centric look that opens up your beautiful peepers and can withstand tears from day to night? There are so many options on the market from lash extensions to volumizing mascaras to false lashes. It’s understandable that some brides may be anxious about false lashes, since we have all seen those rare, disastrous photos from someone’s not-so-special day - but don’t rule them out. At Velour Beauty, we know how to create comfortable, long-wearing lashes that could suit anyone’s big day - no matter the style! 

Velour Beauty Wedding Bride Natural False Lashes

What are the benefits of wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a top priority for any bride, but so is nailing your makeup and hair on the day-of. Bridal makeup is a very important factor you need to carefully consider (and do your fair share of research for) as your makeup needs to stay on from dusk till dawn, all the while looking fresh in photos to highlight your beaming new-wifey face!

Many brides will focus on their eye look as they want them to pop and shimmer, but still look natural. Applying false eyelashes can achieve this effect quickly, by adding extra oomph to the lash line. False lashes add length and/or volume to natural lashes that mascara cannot achieve on it’s own, unless you are going for a very subtle look. Even then, if you want a subtle no-makeup makeup look, individual lashes could be your best friend - giving you a light, whispie flair that is accentuated in photos, but still looks natural AF. Otherwise, false natural lashes on a ¾ length cotton comfort band might work really well for this easy-going look, such as the ones from the Velour Beauty Effortless Collection.

Velour Beauty Effortless Kit Natural Lashes Wedding Bride


False eyelashes undoubtedly add definition to any look, therefore making your eyes stand out giving you that extra boost of confidence… which is typically needed throughout high-energy, stress-filled, life-altering moments like your wedding day. If you need even MORE of a confidence boost, you can definitely go for a more dramatic, glam lash style. The Velour Beauty Vegan Mink Luxe Collection has a variety of fuller, whispie and alluring false eyelash styles that you can choose from. 

Velour Beauty Wedding Bride Glamour False Lashes

Should you choose individual or strip lashes?

If you settle on wearing false lashes for your marital events, you have a choice between strip lashes or individual lashes. Strip lashes can be easier to apply (especially if you’re a newbie) and you can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your vibe - no matter the brand! If you’re wanting a more ethereal, natural vibe, individual lashes can give you that unique, create-your-own type of lash look. However, they can be trickier to apply and can easily fall off if not adhered properly to the lash line. If you’re not comfortable applying lashes by yourself altogether, your makeup artist can do the job for you, or you can take time and learn about easy application here.

Velour Beauty Tips Tricks Learning How To Lash Application

Which false lash style should you choose depending on your personal preference?

Natural, easy and carefree: Would I Lie?

Glam to the gods: Can’t Be Tamed

Less (way less) is more: Short & Sweet

Fly far far away (from your MIL): Dream Girl

Chic and sophisticated: Sassy But Classy

Sexy, sultry, and everything in between: Sinful

Posh but playful: Serendipity

Innocent with flair: Mini Me