Makeup Looks for Your Bachelorette Weekend Getaway!

Your bachelorette party is your chance to go big, bold, and wild... with your makeup at least! The planning can be stressful, but your makeup should not be.  

Whether your bachelorette party is in Nashville, Miami, Vegas, Vancouver, or Tulum, we’ve gathered some looks to take the stress off and make sure you look your best!  

Glowy Skin for Wine Tours   glowy skin

If you have a packed weekend of activities, the last thing you want to do is fuss with your makeup. You still want to be photo-ready, so go with a natural glowy look!  

Go for a radiant finish tinted moisturizer with SPF, cream blush, and water-resistant mascara for when you laugh till you cry! Tubing mascaras are the top choice for looks like this because they remove like a dream at the end of the day (goodbye raccoon eyes)! 

Smokey Eye for a Night Out  bachelorette

It's a bachelorette! Get a little sexy with your makeup! Sultry vibes with dark tones and smoked-out black shadow. To keep your makeup bag lightweight, you can use eye shadow sticks and blend them with your fingers for soft edges. For a look like this, a lash with volume at the base pairs well, check out styles like Secret Weapon, or Poker Face. 

Our pro tip: start with the lightest colours to the darkest. Place the deeper, richer shadows on the outer corner, and pop some shimmer on the inner half for contrast!  

It’s Your Time to Sparkle!  bachelorette looks

Say yes to glitter! Especially in Vegas or (or wherever your party is!)  

Feeling the spotlight? Add some false lashes! Of course, the styles Can’t Be Tamed, Sinful, or Dream Girl will suit the theme of the weekend. This is also great practice if you're going to be wearing lashes for the wedding 

Pro tip: Use a makeup glitter glue/eyeshadow primer to hold the shimmer in place all night. You can also get a similar sparkly effect by packing a metallic eyeshadow over the eyelid.  

Quick & Easy Magnetic Eyelashes for the Group on The Go  

bacheloretteMagnetic lashes and eyeliner are quick to apply, look great and are comfortable to wear for hours! These lashes are super lightweight and fit any eye shape thanks to the 3/4 length band. The easy-to-apply felt tip eyeliner is super sharp so even a beginner can get a cute af wing!  

Why fill your suitcase with makeup tools when a reusable pair of lashes and 3-in-1 eyeliner can do the trick?  

bachelorette looks

Also, these magnetic lash kits make GREAT bridesmaid's gift!