How to Apply Eyelashes for Beginners

Do you love the way false lashes look? The lift they give to the outer corner of the eyes? Perhaps that sultry vibe they provide for a special date night? If you want to wear lashes, but the fear of application is stopping you, I’m here to give you my personal best tips and tricks for lash application. 

This intimidation is more common than you might think, and often people lack lash application confidence – that's where I come in. 

Hi, I'm Taylor - Velour’s Retail Education Manager, and teaching others how to apply lashes is my specialty! My journey with lashes has been a long one, and I’ve had time to figure out what works best for the easiest application process. 

 apply eyelashes for beginners

Tips & Tricks for Lash Application Confidence 

Some of my non-negotiables when applying lashes are listed below. They’ve built my confidence over the years, and now I feel like I could apply false eyelashes with my eyes closed! But we don’t really recommend that... safety first 😉  

  • Toggle the band: When you first remove your lashes from their packaging, gently toggle or ‘wiggle’ the lash band back and forth. This will loosen up the band and allow it to be more flexible to your eye shape when applying. 

  • Extra hold: For false lashes, if you feel like they don’t last all day, apply an extra dot of Velour White Latex-Free Lash Adhesive to the ends of the lash band, plus one in the center. For magnetic lashes, apply a second layer of magnetic liner for additional adhesion. 

  • Perfect placement: When applying your lashes and placing them on the eye, I recommend looking downwards into a mirror so you have a better view of the placement. This will stretch the skin of the eyelid, giving you more space to see what you’re doing. 

  • Full length band: If you're using a full-length lash band and need to measure and trim, always ensure you’re trimming from the outer corner of the lash, not the inner. The inner portion has a natural gradient which you don’t want to cut off. 

  • Keep safe in box: To get as much wear as possible out of your lashes, which in turn will build your lash confidence, keep them in their box while they aren’t being worn. This will keep them safe and clean! 

How to Apply Lashes 101 

There are a few simple steps involved in applying false lashes. It can be easy peasy lemon squeezy when you’re feeling confident with the process. And remember, practice makes perfect! There’s no harm in doing a few practice rounds of lash application. Especially since you get multiple wears out of Velour lashes, some of those can be put towards your learning curve! 

False Lashes: 

how to apply false lashes


Magnetic Lashes:  
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My Favorite Lashes for Easy Application  

Lashes come in all shapes and sizes, and some are easier to apply than others. My personal favorites are from the Velour Effortless Collection as I love a classic false lash and prefer glue application to liner. They’re also super convenient (especially for lash beginners) because they come on a ¾ length band, so you don’t need to measure or trim them. Ultimately this will save time, and if you happen to be a beginner to falsies, it eliminates any room for error! 

  false eyelashes for beginners

When I’m feeling more playful and dramatic with my makeup I like to wear liquid liner. I will always go for the Velour Magnetic Effortless Collection. Like traditional Effortless Lashes, these lashes also come on a ¾ length band so it’s another 2-step application! They're applied with the Velour 3-in-1 magnetic Lash & Go Eyeliner - just apply the liner, allow it to dry, and drop on the lash. To me, these are just as simple to apply as Effortless false lashes, if not easier! 

 false eyelashes for false lash beginnes

Sending you my best wishes for your lash application journey! I believe in you 😊 

xx Taylor