Get Your Best Brows Ever with the Triple Styling Power Of the Fluff' Brow Pencil & Balm!!

Have you ever had a bad brow day, like you just could not get them even? The left one is higher than the right, or darker, or more arched? Well, we’ve all been there. And while sometimes this is due to plain bad luck, it's more likely that it’s the lack of quality in your brow product. You deserve a product that will streamline your brow routine, and thankfully, Velour has everything you need in one brow product!  

 fluff'n brow pencil velour beauty

This 3-in-1 Brow Pencil and Balm will help you achieve an array of brow looks, with an effortless application for authentically-you brows. It’s available in 6 shades to suit a wide variety of hair colors: Taupe, Auburn, Chestnut, Neutral Brown, Dark Brown, Ebony. 

 6 different shades of velour brow pencil

Our Formulation 

When we first created Fluff’n Brow, we didn't feel that there was an innovative enough brow product on the market that could achieve 3 key things: major pigment, strong-hold, and ease of application. Those were the fundamentals of our development which allowed us to create a unique 3-in-1 brow balm and pencil:   

  1. The pencil: angled for quick and easy application, it can be used to define your brows or fill in any sparse areas. 

  2. The balm: thickens and sets the brows while making them feathered.  

  3. The luxe spoolie: can be used to soften the pencil once applied, or to set the hairs in place after you’ve applied the balm. 

Key Ingredients 

Within the formula, we also added some key skincare ingredients like Avocado Oil to keep the skin and brows nourished and conditioned, and Candelilla Wax, which is rich in nutrients and has a creamy texture that makes the balm ideal for styling. These additions made our formula more comfortable and healthy to wear all day, every day.  

 avocado and candelilla wax brows

Our formula is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and does not contain sulfates, parabens, fragrance formaldehydes or phthalates. 

 vegan brow pencil velour

How to Use 

If you’re ready to give it a go, we’ve ensured this product is easy to use and have included our step-by-step instructions below. Your style really boils down to personal preference, but in general, you can use the tinted balm to set the brows and add fluffy texture or use the teardrop pencil to sculpt and refine – or both! Whatever your style, remember, brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. 

Natural Fluffy Brows 

Step 1: Using the tinted balm in a back-and-forth motion, apply directly on brows to add volume. 

Step 2: Use the spoolie to feather and perfect brows. 

Step 3: Use the pencil as needed to fill in any sparse areas.   natural fluffy brows with brow pencil

Defined & Sculpted Brows 

Step 1: First, use the pencil to fill in and shape brows as desired. 

Step 2: Using the tinted balm in a back-and-forth motion, apply on brows to add volume and hold. 

Step 3: Use the spoolie to feather and perfect brows. 

defined brows with velour brow pencil

Customer Reviews 

The Fluff’n Brow Pencil & Balm can be used by makeup newbies and artists alike! We have real people who love this product, and their reviews say it all: 


“This is the most luxurious brow pencil I own. The packaging is fabulous, stays all day, it’s waterproof and looks great on.” - SENITA R. 

The one and only brow product! 

“My new favourite! Love that it gives two options when creating your brows. The pencil end, is very soft and moves so well when defining & sculpting your brows. The brow balm is a tinted plant-based wax, it thickens and naturally fluffs your brow hairs! And to add it also come with its own spoolie.” - MICHELE F. 

Best all in one brow product out there! 

“I absolutely love the versatility of this product! It is so nice to have everything in one !!! The balm works AMAZING when I want a light coverage of color and hold, I find myself using the balm only when I want a quick and easy brow! The pencil is also top notch in my books, great pigment for fuller brows and the shape is perfect to create realistic hair strokes.” - JOLENE

brow looks velour influencers


velour looks with brow pencil and balm 

Ready to step up your brow game? Shop our 6 colours here.