6 Best Prom Makeup Looks and Tips to Try At Home!

It’s the night of nights! The perfect time to express your personal style and celebrate with your friends. 

From the dress, hair, shoes and nails and of course your makeup! Break out the cut creases, sparkles and lashes!  Whether you’re doing it yourself or have a makeup artist, here are 6 simple makeup looks for prom to try for both avid beauty lovers and beginners. If you want some extra glam, check out our best tips to bring them to life! 

Bold, Colourful Makeup 

prom looks 2022

@httpglam_ wearing Can’t Be Tamed 

Use your dress as inspo and choose a similar colour palette to really tie your look together. Be sure to use a good eyeshadow primer or base (like a light-toned concealer) to make the colours not only last all night, but POP on the dance floor! 

Graphic Eyeliner

  graphic liner prom looks

@beautybyroia_ wearing Can’t Be Tamed 

Create this look with a liquid eyeliner or even a brown eyeshadow. 

Pro tip: do your mascara and lashes first, then extend your lash line with eyeliner after. The lash band will act as a guide.  

Pro tip: use 3-in-1 Lash & Go eyeliner for a precise wing. Because it doubles as a lash adhesive it will also hold the look in place all night! 

Soft Glam with Neutral Eyeshadow

  prom looks 2022

@dagmaraapaeva wearing Mini Me 

Neutrals are SO versatile! They complement whatever outfit you choose to wear, as well as your eye colour. Choose tones that compliment your skin and blend with a fluffy eye shadow brush.  

Want to amplify the look? Take your concealer and carve out your eye for a cut-crease look- this emphasizes the eye shape and can either make your eyes larger or elongated. Top with a false lash of your choice! One of our favourite versatile lashes for all occasions is Mini Me from the Effortless collection! 

Pretty in Pastels 

 pastels prom looks 2022

@beautyalyssarose wearing Dream Girl 

 If your outfit for the night is dramatic, you can contrast your makeup with soft and pretty pastels! Choose a pastel shade that compliments your eye colour and skin tone – think pinks, peaches and lavender. With a fluffy blending brush, feather out your eyeshadow for a soft smokey eye.  

Top this pastel eye look with a contrasting dramatic false lash from the Vegan Luxe collection, like Dream Girl or Can’t Be Tamed. 

Euphoria-Inspired Bejeweled Eyes

  euphoria prom look

@styledbysabrinak wearing Sassy But Classy 

Using a clear Lash Adhesive, dot the glue around your eyes and take mini gemstones to accent your eye shape. You can get really creative with this one!  

Using an eyelash glue on the face will hold the gems in place for hours, but don’t worry – it's also easy to remove when you're done with the look. You can find gemstones and a waxy tip applicator for precise placement on amazon or your local craft store.  

DIY Beginner Friendly Makeup 

 prom makeup look 2022

@monipercast wearing Would I Lie? 

If you normally don’t wear much (or any) makeup but want to play with some beauty products on the special day, you came to the right place! Our tips start with a good mascara, like Pretty Big Deal which effortlessly builds up the length with its tubing formula.  

If you really want to try something special like false eyelashes, use a kit! The Effortless Kit comes with everything you need including no-trim lashes (hello stress-free application!) a latex-free lash glue and a mini applicator for perfect placement.  

Monochromatic Glow 

  prom looks 2022

@bykristinacurtis wearing Lash Next Door 

Tis the season for hues of pink! This look calls for all the blush to complement your eye colour. Take your blush and use it on the eyes, cheek, and lips.  

Try our Fluff’N Brow pencil, of you want to carry the same product throughout the face on the eyes ,lips and cheeks (saving you time, money, and makeup bag space).