Why You Don't Need Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions Vs Faux Lashes, What Would You Choose?

The fierce debate of false lashes vs. lash extensions has been around for a while and it makes sense! Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages and address different needs. While there are compelling arguments on both sides, we believe you can kick your habit of lash extensions with Velour’s luxury false lashes. Before we dive in deeper, let’s define the main difference between the two.

Lash extensions are individual lashes adhered to your own lashes using a special glue and have to be usually done by a professional. False lashes are the strip lashes that you might see in some drugstores and beauty stores such as Sephora or ULTA. Both can make your eyes pop with no need for mascara!

1. No Need for Touch Ups or Professional Assistance

Lash extensions are great if you booked your time in advance with the lash specialist, find a time to spend 2 hours in the beauty salon and can come in again in a few weeks. It sounds like quite a lot of time for me especially when you’d need a touch up in a week or so. Since COVID-19, many beauty salons have also been shut which begs the question: what is a good alternative to lash extensions? The best false lashes! 

False lashes don’t require any additional help - maybe just your best friend for beginner-friendly advice, and can be applied in just a few minutes. The only thing you need to do is proceed to your favourite online shop like Sephora, pick your favourite style and press ‘Check Out’. Your lashes are delivered to your order with everything you need within a week and you’re ready to go! No touch ups are required as your lashes stay on perfectly for the whole day. No closed beauty salon can stop you from looking amazing in your vegan eyelashes.

2. Economical Approach to Flawless Lash Look

Compared to lash extensions that can cost you up to $300, our luxury false lashes start at $26 USD. Naturally, lash extensions are meant to last for longer but also require care - you need to be careful with how you sleep, show and remove your makeup or lashes start falling out fast! 

False lashes are more resistant and can be easily removed at the end of the day. You can then rub your eyes and do anything without having to worry about your lashes the next day. Velour lashes can also be worn up to 25+ times if properly taken care of as was featured in Best False Eyelashes by Who What Wear.  It means you can get lightweight, whispie and natural-looking lashes for a whole month at the fraction of the price. On our website, you can also save by ordering your false lashes in bundles making false lashes a real deal!

3. New Lash Style New Me 

Apart from being economical, false lashes make for versatile makeup. You can change your lash look everyday depending on your mood and occasion compared to lash extensions that cannot be customized daily. False lashes give you the freedom false extensions don’t. With false lashes, customers can wear a more natural look one day, full volume another and go all out for a special occasion with glam lashes.  The choice is yours. But if you can never decide, check out our beauty board filled with gorgeous false lashes & looks! 

To conclude, lash extensions and false lashes can both be great but we believe in everyday affordable luxury with personal expression. At Velour, you can choose from three different collections with numerous lash styles. Every lash style was created for a different you with an easy application. False lashes are perfect for everyday life and you are in control.


With whispie love,