International Women’s Day 2022 - Spotlighting our Velour Society Ambassadors

Let's go girls! It’s International Women's day and this year’s theme is Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. Velour beauty is a Woman-founded and 75% female-staffed beauty brand and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate our accomplishments, goals and initiatives for IWD.  

We asked our female identifying affiliates what this day means to them, their experiences as female content creators and here’s what they had to say. 

What would your words of advice be to other women who would love to become content creators? 

“The best advice I can provide is based on my own experiences and the most important one is: You are in your head more than anyone else, the self-doubt and fear of society is all a part of something new. Fear is actually a good thing; it means you’re uncomfortable and in order to experience growth it means to be uncomfortable! For the 1 person who may judge you there are 10 more ready to support. Once you get passed that and start creating content, be yourself because your audience will love you for being unique and true to yourself!” - Sharda Ramkissoon (@beautybysharda)  

 “One word I would give as advice to other women who would love to become content creators is 'START'. So many people I know are terrified of negative comments, feedback, and cancel culture. Think of this as a fun hobby to escape the pressures of the world and you will open your eyes to new opportunities and it'll build your community to contain like-minded people to yourself. You never know what the future may hold if you don't start now.” - Jasmine Yin (@ThatsSoYin) 

Why do you love being a member of the Velour Society?  

“I love being a member of the Velour Society because it gives me a way to connect with so many girls (and guys!) whom I would not have found on Instagram myself. The Velour Society is such a diverse group where it’s not just beauty bloggers but so many others as well. For example, I consider myself a fashion blogger who dabbles in makeup and I’m here, but I also get to see content inspiration and get to know many others in other niches that do have ties back to beauty. I hope that makes sense! It’s also such a full circle moment for me. I grew up with very little money, worked my entire way through college to pay for my college, and I remember saving up for two pairs of velour lashes for my 21st birthday. This was way back when Velour had those purple boxes. They were my prized possessions at the time. I still have them tucked away somewhere. It’s crazy to think that I’m now a part of Velour Society and I’m representing velour as an ambassador.” - Amy Nguyen (@ilikeamy_) 

 “I love being a part of Velour Society because it's a very "family feeling" company. You can tell they care about their products; they care about the ambassadors; they care about their customers. It's definitely the most sincere company I've been a part of.” - Laurissa Nicolette (@laurissanicolette) 

What achievement are you most proud of? 

“Achieving self love and confidence is the best thing that has happened to me so far. BUT I'm pretty proud of some achievements in this field of content creation as well! When I see my online family appreciate my work or reach out to me saying they have learnt something from my tutorials that makes me so proud. Another best feeling when a brand recognizes my work and repost it on their social handles” - Namrata Palit (@namratapalit) 

“The achievement I’m most proud of is my growth as a person. Looking back at myself a few years ago and where I am now is inspiring. I’ve surprised myself how far I’ve come and with hard work and dedication anything is possible.” - Melissa Shepard (@melissaamaakeup 

What's the best part about being a content creator? 

“For me the best part about being a content creator is that I can share my creativity and the things I enjoy the most with my followers! I love when there is a product or service that I try and actually works for me, and I get to share it with my followers for them to experience it and get amazing results as well! I am very picky when buying a product from a brand I do not know, and many people think that way, so having someone that inspires you honesty and responsibility (because it is a responsibility) recommending something they loved makes it easier at the time of making a decision regarding a new product/service.” - Miurica Duarte (@MiuricaDuarte) 

“Believe in yourself and never give up on what you love and feel is right for you in that moment. Sometimes we have to fight harder for what we believe is right from creating something outside the norm to fighting for being paid as a content creator and knowing how hard each of us work to be recognized. I'm an older influencer though I may not look like it (I'm 40) and the beauty industry is competitive (I'm not) and we all have something to share!” - Katie Worden (@beautyinmonolids) 

How do you celebrate yourself? 

“I try to be what 15 year old me who couldn't express herself would want. The older I get, the more I think my past self would find me pretty interesting and that brings me a lot of satisfaction with whom I've become.” - Bridgette Turco (@spookybridgette) 

 “I celebrate myself every morning when I wake up. I am alive to see another beautiful day on this Earth. I celebrate by taking care of ME physically, mentally and spiritually.  ME comes first because if I am not happy how could I be happy for others? If I don’t love myself, how can I love others? Plus, spa and shopping girls' days are always a good treat.” - Nancy Mughannam (@fabwmama)  

“I celebrate myself by being grateful of where I am now. I look at my journey and I am proud, and I let myself be proud and enjoy every moment. I want to remember every struggle, every victory. I celebrate myself by acknowledging the fact that am I doing the best I can  everyday.”- Noémie Gauthier (@nglooks)  

Every day should be a celebration of your accomplishments, set new goals, and position yourself to help others! How will you be celebrating International Women's Day this year?