Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

You might have already heard of magnetic eyelashes and the word ‘magnet’ could have left you wondering: ‘Is it safe to use on my eyes?’ Fear not, we’re giving you the DL on what magnetic lashes are and how to safely use them.  

What are Magnetic Eyelashes? 

Magnetic false eyelashes are an amazing alternative to normal strip false lashes that don’t require an adhesive. Velour Beauty’s magnetic eyelashes are handmade on a ready-to-wear ¾ length band, which means you can skip the steps of measuring and trimming your lashes before application. The magnets are also uniquely rounded and lightweight, which means they’re undetectable and comfortable on the eye. Some magnetic lashes might require anchors, which is an extra lash cluster used on the underside of lashes to keep them in place, but at Velour, we developed strong-hold technology so that you can skip this step and to make application as easy as possible. Magnetic eyelashes are the quickest way to add that extra pop to any look.   

 magnetic eyeliner safe for eyes

How do you Apply Magnetic Eyelashes? 

Magnetic eyelashes work thanks to the mini magnets on the lash band and a unique magnetic eyeliner. 

For the easiest false lash application, follow the steps below: 

1)     Trim your lashes. Skip this step if you’re using Velour Effortless Magnetic lashes, as they are pre-trimmed on a ¾ length lash band. 

2)     Apply magnetic liner along the lash line. Apply two coats for extra hold and let the liner dry completely. 

4)     Pro tip: make sure the width of your liner matches the size of mini magnets. 

5)     Snap your lashes onto the dried liner! Adjust if needed by gently pulling lashes away and placing them in the desired spot. 

These easy steps guarantee perfect lash application for the safety of your eyes. 

How do you Remove Magnetic Eyelashes? 

Gently pull the lash off and away from the eyelid and place back on the magnetic strip in the lash box. After wearing lashes a few times, use a gentle oil-free makeup remover to clean off any makeup or build up along the lash band and magnets. Velour Beauty magnetic lashes can be worn up to a total of 30 times with proper care, so make sure to clean your lashes to get the most wears! 

The magnetic eyeliner will come off when you remove your makeup during your skincare routine – using an oil-free makeup remover, micellar water or an oil-based cleanser. 

You can get more tips on magnetic lash application here. 

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe? 

In a lot of ways, magnetic lashes can be safer than using a traditional lash adhesive, as with an adhesive, if you’re not careful, you can sometimes get the adhesive in your eyes or even glue your lashes together. Because the liner only touches your eyelid and not your lashes, you’ll also be less likely to remove any natural lashes during removal. Magnetic lashes are safe if they are from reputable brands and you follow basic hygiene practices. 

are magnetic lashes safe?

As with most things in life, magnetic lashes may cause some discomfort. Keep those safety tips in mind for the best experience: 

-        If any irritation occurs, stop using lashes immediately 

-        Make sure to wash your hands before applying or removing false eyelashes 

-        Don’t share your magnetic eyelashes with your besties 

-        Never use expired products on your eyes 

-        Don’t sleep in magnetic lashes 

When choosing magnetic lashes, we’d also suggest looking for a lash band that has rounded magnets, are lightweight and are made on a comfortable lash band.  

Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe? 

Magnetic eyeliners are FDA-approved for use around the eyes. Magnetic eyeliner is very similar to any other eyeliner, but with higher levels of iron oxide to attract the magnets. If you are worried about irritation, you can do a patch test on the underside of your forearm. If there’s no irritation, it should be fine to use the eyeliner on your eyes!  

 magnetic eyeliner

To ensure the health of your lashes, consider also trying a lash serum for night care routine. Velour’s Lash Serum is 100% vegan with amino acids and botanical extracts to nourish your eyelashes at night and keep them healthy. Your lashes will thank you!