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What’s Different About a Tubing Mascara?

Do you have to scrub your eyes at the end of the day to remove your mascara? We bet it’s not your favorite part of the makeup removal process. So why go through this struggle when you could use a tubing mascara to avoid endless scrubbing? Let us tell you how a tubing mascara will change your whole routine for the better, and how it can benefit you daily.

Regular mascaras use oils, waxes and dyes, whereas tubing mascaras have polymers that wrap around each individual lash. This creates ‘tubes’ that encase each lash giving you a very even application. It may sound strange, but tubing mascaras are actually smudge-proof and are super easy to remove! All while delivering amazing length and strength for your eyelashes. Now let's dive deeper into why you should be using a tubing formula.

Easy to Remove

As mentioned, tubing mascaras are so easy to remove - the tubes just slide off your lashes! You only need warm water to remove the product, which comes off seamlessly compared to wax-based mascaras. This means no more panda eyes, harsh rubbing or going to sleep with mascara residue stuck in your lashes.

Smudge-Proof and Long-Lasting

Despite being so easy to remove, tubing mascaras don’t compromise on quality. The unique polymers within the formula allow you to achieve a major lengthening effect, plus they ensure you can go all day without your mascara smudging. Tubing mascaras may not be waterproof, but they are water-resistant so they will withstand bad weather, HIIT sessions and allergy days.

Lighter Formula for Curl and Lift

Regular mascaras work like ‘paint’ for your eyelashes and require several coats to get a full lash effect. Tubing mascaras can achieve your desired look without the build-up of numerous layers and work perfectly with one to two coats. Due to the lighter formula, tubing mascaras will allow your eyes to enjoy an irritation-free, lengthened and curled application, and give you an opened-eye look that never feels heavy.

Convinced you need to try tubing mascara? We thought you might be. Our Pretty Big Deal Peptide & Tubing Mascara is the one for you. On top of having an ultra-black tubing formula, our mascara is also a lash serum and lash shield. By using Pretty Big Deal Mascara, you can achieve longer, stronger and healthier lashes in just 3-4 weeks. You will maximize your results if you use it daily for at least 3 months. To maintain the lash enhancement benefits, continue use after maximum lash enhancement is achieved. Velour quality with Velour value, check it out here!